Expert wardrobe decluttering tips

As part of the research for Know Your Style , I embarked on a decluttering exercise with a wardrobe expert. Although I’m quite ruthless about old/unworn clothes, it was high time I sorted my shit out and an impartial judge really can make a difference (read more about my decluttering exercise HERE and HERE ). Most of wardrobe expert Anna Berkeley’s adviceRead more

How to wear monochrome

What’s black and white and worn all over? The grown-up, transitional wardrobe. Whether monochrome comes with a modern bohemian twist a la Linda Fargo , is more urban avant garde as Lyn from Accidental Icon consistently demonstrates, or goes classic Costanza Pascolato; this harmonious combination looks contemporary and chic. Life in black and white, is simple, striking and perennially stylish. OverRead more

Scarf tutorial: four ways to get knotted

How about that for scarf action? I’m stupidly excited about this GIF, simple things and all that. Fenwick asked me to run through my four favourite scarf styles for summer, you can see the others HERE.

Fancy Pants from Boden

Have I told you how much I like Boden’s fancy pants? Not Johnnie’s Y-fronts  – oh, and now I have an image of Mr Boden standing outside his London HQ, trouser-less, a la Walter White . I blame the jet-lag. And the Breaking Bad Marathon. Anyhow. Taking no notice whatsoever of that nonsense about horizontal stripes, I’veRead more

How to wear colour: rose pink

Isn’t this outfit brilliant? Discard the fluffy heels, add a pair of sensible flats and I give you the perfect embodiment of 24-hour, casual glamour. It’s from H&M’s newest label &OtherStories – I visited the London store when it first opened and was impressed by the accessories but not so enamoured by the clothing. Think IRead more