The grown-up guide to layering

I’m over on the Guardian fashion blog talking about layering, this week. How to do it without looking like you’re travelling Ryan Air and trying to get your luggage down to below 20 kilos. The editor challenged me to do this without mentioning cardigans, which was easy as I rarely wear them anyway and much preferRead more

The grown-up gold dress

I keep seeing this oyster silk lamé dress –  and wondering. The shimmery fabric, the bodice shape, the sleeves; all very lovely but the midi length bothers me. Will this say Merry Christmas or Miss Havisham?  Definitely a ‘try it on and see’ number, because as we all know, there’s a fine line between glamourpussRead more

The perfect ankle boot from Toast

  Knee boots might be back but I’ve been on the look out for the perfect pair of ankle boots. I’m after a black, heeled design to elevate my everyday uniform. APC ran a fantastic version last year, but unfortunately I was in-between sizes (this happens, a lot). And no matter what a whippersnapper shopRead more

My Wolford Experience

On seeing this photograph, regular readers are going to think I’ve gone doolally, or started taking drugs. Or both. Truth is, I was asked by luxury brand Wolford to go in-store, try on a few bits and pieces and erm, stir up a social networking frenzy. I wouldn’t ordinarily do this kind of thing, I justRead more

My favourite shop: COS

I find it impossible to walk past a COS store. One minute I’m on the street, the next I’m through the door, transported to a whole new fabulous world, like Lucy in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Rushing to a meeting the other day, I suddenly found myself in the middle of COS checkingRead more

Chic appeal

After an earlier post, another blogger commented that she thought Hobbs was a label worn by women who had stopped having sex. But, over the last few years under the guidance of creative director Sandy Verdon (ex-Jaeger), the British brand has slowly upped its chic appeal. Gone are the floral printed linens and longer-line jackets ofRead more

Ancient Greek Sandals

Available from Matches . Available from Matches . I know I should be talking Céline-inspired silhouettes and tartan trousers but it’s sunny again (last week I got vey confused when it was raining and I had to wear proper shoes) and I’m thinking sandals. Ancient Greek Sandals . Produced in Crete by artisans and worn by celebrities in La-La Land.Read more

The cashmere biker jacket

Once again post-holiday style syndrome has got the better of me and I’m half holiday wardrobe, half regular  clothes. Flip flops with everything. I accidentally created quite a cool, new look this morning which I’ll show you when the official photographer gets home. To confuse matters further, I’ve been working on a couple of autumn features and hankeringRead more

Holiday Swimwear (part d’eaux)

That’s Not My Body, but that is my bikini. It has a lovely padded top and big pants. Unlike Mr That’s Not My Age. Sorry to disappoint, but the Blog Widower will not be making an appearance in his skimpy trunks. Suffice to say that the Piscine Police approved of the new briefs and MonsieurRead more

A week in Provence

That’s Not My Passport. This post comes to you live from Provence. Where it appears that les marches rustique are following us around. Needless to say, I’ve had my fill of colourful straw bags, tacky tablecloths and Peruvian nick-nackery (can anyone explain the connection?). We’re staying in a beautiful valley, not dissimilar to the settingRead more