The essential jumpsuit: perfect for travel

Winston Churchill had a pinstriped jumpsuit, who knew? During the Second World war, for comfort and practicality, the prime minister had several bespoke boiler suits made, including a bottle green velvet number, by Turnbull & Asser . Nice one, Winnie. I learned all about Siren Suits at the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum (until 31 August 2015). The wartimeRead more

Daphne Selfe: The Way We Wore

While I recover from Beach Brain, here are some fabulous photos of Daphne Selfe. The 87-year-old model has written a book The Way We Wore about her ‘life in clothes’ (a memoir based on her diaries) and it’s out now. Having worked with Daphne as a fashion editor, I can vouch for her wonderful, enthusiastic attitude  – and brilliantRead more

How to look chic on the beach

We’re off on a much-needed holiday later this week and I’ve just bought this M&S bikini and Boden’s Breezy Kaftan. That’s all. Boden kaftan available HERE , M&S bikini HERE .   What do you wear on the beach?

Cool summer linen

One of my old editors had a list of ‘banned substances.’ Snake print was not allowed on the fashion pages (largely based on a fear of snakes, fortunately we don’t have many of those in London) and neither was linen. Particularly the lovely crumpled, typically English variety. Shame, that. I know this is all beginningRead more

The biker jacket conundrum

I have a birthday coming up. It’s a big one and although I can’t quite believe I’m THAT old, I’m not scared. I spent my 39th year in a miserable state, but if this blog has taught me one thing, it’s to view getting older as getting better. Anyhow. Earlier this year, realising he mightRead more

Grown-up style: the long sleeved maxi dress

Every now and then I decide not to wear jeans. It’s a bit of an effort to ditch the daily uniform but perfectly manageable when there’s an easy alternative, like the long-sleeved maxi dress, at hand. That’s Not My Maxi, it’s from Baukjen (currently reduced in the sale), but this is: Photo: Dvora at Fashionistable. Haven’tRead more

The Party Necklace

Model wears two Party Necklaces. How very decadent. Let’s talk about embellishment. Bejewelled coats, dresses and handbags were all over the catwalks like Boris Johnson supporters at the Tory Party conference. And we know how we feel about that. With adornment as with Borismania, a little goes a long way. As a fan of Casual Glamour ,Read more

Dresses with sleeves: over to you

Had enough of uber-glamorous Hollywood movie stars at the Golden Globes? Then you’re in the right place. Today, That’s Not My Age is keeping it real with the latest instalment of Dresses with Sleeves . As Carey Mulligan said, ‘It’s not a natural thing to stand on the red carpet in a pair of shoes that you wouldRead more

That is my age: I’d rather be warm than cool

You may remember my friend Caroline, she bravely appeared on the blog – in control pants and very little else – the December before last.  We thanked her for her services to womankind and Caroline generously agreed to do some more modelling. Here she is with her clothes on, road-testing the Women’s Luxe Down Parka from Lands’ End: One freezing morningRead more

Chic winter coats

Grown-up style is all about developing a look that suits and sticking with it. Not flip-flopping after every fad that hits the high street, like an Emperor penguin on ice . But this doesn’t mean a one-way ticket to Frumpsville. Ines de la Fressange looks effortlessly chic in a tailored jacket, jeans and Roger Vivier footwear. ARead more