Jumping on the menopause bandwagon – do we really need hot flush-proof clothes?

  Menopause symptoms are enough to make any woman reach out in desperation for something that will help, says Adrienne Wyper. And there are medical treatments, over-the-counter supplements and foods that work, but when it comes to lifestyle products such as clothing, you can pay over the odds for hot-flush-friendly items, thanks to what I’mRead more

Quote of the week: Inés de la Fressange

The 53-year-old model is turning into a regular guest speaker for That’s Not My Age, and if like me you’re experiencing a mid-week, mid-March energy slump, here’s some helpful health and beauty advice from the fabulous Inés de la Fressange: 1. If I wanted advice on looking younger, I would ask Karl Lagerfeld, he looksRead more

Blogger’s wrist

That’s Not My Age has been carrying an injury for some time now, I’m calling it Blogger’s Wrist, otherwise known as Repetitive Strain Injury which can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. According to the NHS website , most cases (of CTS) develop in people who are between 45 – 64 years of age, and left untreated itRead more