John Hinde Photography

Being from a trashy seaside town, I have a penchant for picture postcards. Not the mucky variety but the hyper-real type. Enhanced in post-production to make everything look better than it appeared in real life. I first came across the John Hinde Collection at the Vintage Festival in 2011. Original transparencies of the photographer’s glorious technicolour postcards from the 1950s,Read more

How to holiday like a grown-up

It’s hot and sweaty in London in August, so we’re heading off to the beach for a well-planned holiday (back in time for the Paralympics). See you in September. In the meantime, here´s a vintage post to keep you busy – my advice on how to holiday like a grown-up: Do 1. Wear a fantastic sunhat. That’s Not MyRead more

Summer Holiday

When you read this Mr & Mrs That’s Not My Age will have decamped to Cornwall for our annual summer holiday. Where I’ll be having a technology-free time. Instead of blogging, I’ll be relaxing and visiting beautiful beaches. Baroness Susan Greenfield will be proud.  Unlike David Cameron , I’ll be eating plenty of these: Freshly baked Cornish pasties. Then goingRead more