Ageless beauty: 72-year-old Loulou Van Damme

I’m not one for experimenting with/wearing much make-up but I do like these photos of 72-year-old Loulou Van Damme. ‘You’re never too old to try daring beauty trends’ is a feature for ELLE India . Born in India of Belgium parentage, designer/stylist Van Damme spent time in London and Brussels before moving back to India for good at theRead more

Older models: Maye Musk for James Perse

This is just perfect. Ace Californian t-shirt brand James Perse has used 68-year-old model Maye Musk in its autumn 2016 campaign.  A stunning silver haired model dressed in lovely clothes on a beautiful country ranch. Bring it on. Brand photographer Noah Stone confirms that James Perse has been aiming to increase versatility and diversity for a while,Read more

Grey models

Hooray for Grey. The model agency, not the book. First came Mrs Robinson Management , now there’s Grey Model Agency, representing ‘the beautifully ageing mature model,’ like 61-year-old Meg McNaughton (above) who started modelling in 2010, and Sara Stockbridge the almost-50-year-old former Vivienne Westwood model and Grey Ambassador: Founded by former photographic agent Rebecca Valentine, earlier this year, the fashion world is gladRead more

J. Crew embraces style at every age

  Now, this is the kind of campaign I like. J. Crew has embraced Style At Every Age in a simple, contemporary way with a range of models including Pia Groning, 65, representing the over-50s beautifully. This isn’t the first time a brand has used a broader range of ages to advertise their product – both Gap and EileenRead more

Mak Gilchrist: the model helping to Grow Brixton

      Remember I told you about Mak Gilchrist, the 48-year-old model turned guerilla gardener ? As well as appearing in the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video and numerous Chanel perfume ads, Mak was one of my favourite cover girls back in the fashion editor days. She’s also one of the founders of the Edible Bus Stop Project , a social enterprise committedRead more

Older models: Indira Amin

This post is a celebration of stamina and persistence. I’ve been meaning to bring it to you for quite some time now but because my That’s Not My Age inbox is permanently full, the photographer Prarthna Singh  has had to persevere. Seriously, I could spend my entire life deleting emails. Could do, but I don’t. So if youRead more

Older Models: Pam Lucas

No sooner than Halloween is dead and buried, my inbox fills up with Christmas crapola. Like I’ve got nothing better to do than spend my life deleting emails. Whatever. Whilst trawling through the detritus, I was very pleased to see that the latest campaign from TK Maxx (great for cheap Le Creuset and discounted sportswear)Read more