Creative Women at Work: meeting Rae Feather

When we meet, Rae Feather is not what I expect at all. Having followed the accessories entrepreneur on Instagram for some time, I’d imagined a 20-something, trust-fund-tastic Sloane. Then there she is, warm and sunny and 50-something with a gorgeous Irish accent; bringing the coffee and making wry jokes. You could knock me down withRead more

It’s about style not age

If you’ve spent this week employing a much-needed digital detox you might just have missed a rather uplifting online sensation. When the New York Times published a feature entitled ‘Don’t Dress Your Age ’, urging women to ignore ‘mutton-shaming’ style advice about what you can and can’t wear over-40, hundreds of women took to social media in solidarity. PostingRead more

The summer adventures of a solo female traveller aged 66

After almost a month in Crete, writer and journalist Elaine Kingett reports back on the latest phase of her summer adventure: Did I discover a swarthy Cretan shepherd, complete with hairnet, Mitsubishi pick-up and gun to sweep me off my feet? Or an Albanian lothario-builder interested in showing me his tattoos, gold tooth and halfRead more

Use my body while it’s still young

Making a song and dance about ageing isn’t, er, strictly my business. Use My Body While It’s Still Young is a show by Norwegian choreographer Hege Haagenrud featuring four experienced dancers aged between 65 and 79-years-old and live music by singer songwriter Rebekka Karijord. Tickets for Use My Body While It’s Still Young are availableRead more

You’re never too old to wear a bikini

This week I have been mostly walking around in public in my bra and pants, says Elaine Kingett. You might call it a bikini but it felt like underwear to me and, what exactly is the difference in reality? Plus, I could do with some of lingerie’s construction values these days. Arriving in the heatRead more

Creative women at work: designer Charlene Mullen

Textile and home accessories designer Charlene Mullen has a shop in Shoreditch and a new ceramics collection for Royal Doulton to go with her beautiful hand-embroidered cushions (we have a couple bought at sample sales, at That’s Not My Age Mansions). After training in illustration and print at Middlesex and the Royal College of Art and spendingRead more

How body confidence gets better with age

  I blame M&S and their horrible, rubber ‘roll ons’, the girdles not the ferries, for my lack of body confidence, writes Elaine Kingett. Forced into them at 13, by a mother who told me my stomach was fat. I was a girl who even at 16, had a photo of her bikini-enhanced chest notedRead more

Creative women at work: Amelia Bullmore

Actor Amelia Bullmore has appeared in some of my favourite TV programmes: Coronation Street ( Steph Barnes ), I’m Alan Partridge (girlfriend Sonja ) and Twenty Twelve ( Kay Hope ) – we’ll come onto Happy Valley in a minute. And so, it’s quite surprising, then, that when we met at a Pilates class, a couple of years ago, I didn’t evenRead more

Saturday night and Sunday morning

Inspired by the discovery of her parents’ war diaries, writer and journalist Elaine Kingett established Write It Down! a series of writing and mindfulness retreats in Spain, France and Wales. With the idea of inspiring everyone, ‘irrespective of previous writing experience to write down their lives; relax and return home with brain expanded and selfRead more

A mature woman’s internet dating hell

I bumped into a friend-of-a-friend the other day and she was telling me that over a decade after her husband died (he had leukemia, they were together 32 years), she’d tried online dating. Elaine Kingett is an award-winning journalist and ex-features writer for Woman & Home magazine. I thought you’d be interested to hear about her experienceRead more