Menopause at Work

The lack of awareness of how menopausal symptoms can affect women in the workplace has been highlighted by a new study; carried out just down the road from me at King’s College Hospital. Myra Hunt emeritus professor of clinical health psychology told the Guardian that while policies to support pregnant women are the norm, the menopause remains aRead more

Hot Flush Fashion – are we supposed to dress a certain way during menopause?

I hate all those style rules. That’s what I told the Telegraph when they asked me for advice on ‘navigating fashion through the menopause.’ Style is an individual thing. It’s not about dressing your age, it’s about dressing for your body shape. And being comfortable. Yes, body shape changes around the menopause – mine has,Read more

Caryn Franklin talks menopause

Caryn Franklin has written a brilliant, positive piece on the menopause for Refinery 29. Describing the unique physical and mental affects of what she calls ‘a mind-blowing midlife recalibration – one with a valuable message of growth and expansion,’ the esteemed fashion journalist/activist/broadcaster explains how she addressed her work-life balance by focusing on personal strengthsRead more

Menopause at Work

    One of my friends has become ‘obsessed with the menopause’ and she sent me a link to this feature on Get The Gloss . In a report, Dr Ros Altmann, a government campaigner for older workers says that ‘women are forced out of jobs due to the menopause,’ because this subject is still taboo and ‘just not on theRead more

Talking about the menopause

  Is it just me, or has the menopause been in the news a lot lately? Last week after disclosing that she’d had her ovaries removed, Angelina Jolie said, ‘I am now in menopause. I will not be able to have any more children and I expect some physical changes.’ Previously on live TV, Whoopi Goldberg announced,Read more

Win a copy of the ‘Your Hormone Doctor’ book

    As well as writing like a demon (apologies but the book has taken over my life, I’m just not able to blog as much as I’d like to, and my brain is tired!), I’ve also been reading a lot. Your Hormone Doctor written by Leah Hardy and Susie Roger with Dr Daniel SisterRead more