About Face: artistry and ageless beauty at Liberty

Liberty’s lovely new About Face beauty campaign features four models, including Sylviane from Mrs Robinson Management,  accompanied by portraits and illustrations from up-and-coming artists. Having always been low maintenance on the grooming front, this kind of not-much-makeup-makeup is what my face is all about. Silver-haired Sylviane is painted by artist  Gill Button,  and her simple, less-is-more makeup is described as: Bold mascara ( Sisley So Curl in deepRead more

Ageless beauty: 72-year-old Loulou Van Damme

I’m not one for experimenting with/wearing much make-up but I do like these photos of 72-year-old Loulou Van Damme. ‘You’re never too old to try daring beauty trends’ is a feature for ELLE India . Born in India of Belgium parentage, designer/stylist Van Damme spent time in London and Brussels before moving back to India for good at theRead more

Older models: Maye Musk for James Perse

This is just perfect. Ace Californian t-shirt brand James Perse has used 68-year-old model Maye Musk in its autumn 2016 campaign.  A stunning silver haired model dressed in lovely clothes on a beautiful country ranch. Bring it on. Brand photographer Noah Stone confirms that James Perse has been aiming to increase versatility and diversity for a while,Read more

Older models: Jan de Villeneuve

Bingo, beer and crisps, looks like the perfect night out. 70-year-old model Jan de Villeneuve appeared in this week’s Stylist magazine, in a fashion shoot celebrating summer’s maximalist vibe. A qualified teacher, Ohio-born de Villeneuve started modelling in the 1960s when she was discovered on a trip to New York (full story HERE ); retiring afterRead more

The grown-up style tribes

I’ve always been fascinated by Style Tribes; from the punks of my teenage years to the women of Advanced Style. I do think it’s human nature to identify with others – with people who dress alike, appreciate the same things and have similar attitudes and beliefs – whatever your age. ‘The Grown-up Style Tribes’ isRead more

Sixties-inspired sportswear by Peggy Moffitt

Sporty, sporty Peggy Moffitt. Famous for her Vidal Sassoon five-point cut, heavy eye makeup and appearance in Qui étes-vous Polly Maggoo , the mod-tastic sixties model has launched her own sportswear label . I can’t bring myself to call it athleisure, that’s just about the clumsiest portmanteau, ever. Inspired by the Rudi Gernreich outfits Moffitt modelled in the 1960s, the rangeRead more

Inspirational Women: The Dinner Party

  Artists, journalists, singers, cultural creatives, I’d like to go to the & Other Stories Christmas party. The Swedish brand’s latest campaign features inspirational, grown-up women who actually look like they’re having fun. Unlike an M&S set-up or schmaltzy John Lewis epic, the & Other Stories campaign feels lovely and real, with clothes you’d actually want toRead more

Older models: Oliver Spencer

Mr That’s Not My Age is looking for some new work trousers. Newsflash. Having tried unsuccessfully to go to a Theory sample sale in New York (big queue right down the street, couldn’t be bothered to wait), we’ve decided to opt for the best of British instead. Menswear designer Oliver Spencer’s autumn campaign, shot by Rankin , is FAB. FeaturingRead more

Hope – the new fashion label for women over-40

I’m just back from a trip to Italy where I was talking about ‘Ageless Style’ at an industry event. One of the guests asked me to suggest some good, grown-up labels and one brand I mentioned immediately was Hope. Designed for women over-40, Hope is a new fashion label available online ( Hopefashion.co.uk ) and viaRead more

Why I’m loving (and acting) my age this week

‘“Ageless” is a key word that identifies the women of today,’ says Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, ‘Together they compose the mosaic of the new femininity, a way of being beyond appearances. Women who are strong, sure of themselves, talented, enterprising. On their faces, the glow of youth is replaced by the splendour of maturity,Read more