Style made simple

  Sometimes it’s the simple things…like this white cotton shirt layered over a stripy Breton top in January’s edition of Vogue. Sling on a bit of bling, add some stars to the stripes, for glamour of the most casual variety. These are wardrobe essentials that work all year-round:

Older models: Oliver Spencer

Mr That’s Not My Age is looking for some new work trousers. Newsflash. Having tried unsuccessfully to go to a Theory sample sale in New York (big queue right down the street, couldn’t be bothered to wait), we’ve decided to opt for the best of British instead. Menswear designer Oliver Spencer’s autumn campaign, shot by Rankin , is FAB. FeaturingRead more

Style Forever – a New York book signing and talk

Exciting news. I’m going to be talking at a fashion conference and signing books in New York. Hooray. Trailblazers is a symposium at CUNY on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November. Organised by Initiatives in Art and Culture, the event kicks off on Thursday 12 November with an evening reception for legendary Studio 54 photographer Ron Galella, at Broadway gallery,Read more

Don’t call me a gran bod

I was hoping if I ignored the term ‘gran bod’ it might go away. But no. The dad bod bandwagon-jumping label keeps pinging into my inbox. This weekend: The Top 10 Gran Bods starring Helen Mirren, Madonna and Elle (The Gran Body) Macpherson. Basically, a list of women over-50, rated on how they look in swimwear. HowRead more

The summer kimono

These lovely yukata or summer kimonos from Uniqlo make brilliant dressing gowns (make that all-day lounging gowns, if like me, you’ve just come back from holiday and have forgotten how to dress properly) and can also be worn Catherine Baba-style layered over a simple black outfit. Or on a bike. If you like… I’m off to recalibrate my wardrobe. The cottonRead more

Style Forever Launch

Hello and welcome to the new grown-up That’s Not My Age. While I’m settling in and figuring out how to put my pictures up, let’s get the party started. Talking of partying, these photos are from the Style Forever launch at Duke Street Emporium. A very big thank you to Team Jigsaw for organising such a lovely eventRead more

Grown-up style 2012

Stella McCartney with Victoria Pendleton, Ellie Simmonds and Jessica Ennis. Let’s talk about the year’s best grown-up fashion moments. The highlights. The That’s Not My Age New Year Honours List. It’s impossible to talk about 2012 without mentioning the London Olympics. The Games exceeded my wildest expectations. I cheered, I sobbed, I didn’t want itRead more

The Style Begins at Forty Awards 2012

Photo: W Magazine. The gold medals have all been handed out, there’s still a couple of weeks till the Paralympics, so it’s time for an award ceremony of a different kind: the third annual Style Begins At Forty Awards (SBAFTAS). And we’ll have no biting the medals (or each other) thank you very much. First up is the lifetime achievement award, which ifRead more

The Style Begins at Forty Awards 2012

Bill Cunningham making Vanity Fair’s international best dressed list this week reminded me that I still haven’t compiled this year’s Style Begins at Forty Awards (SBAFtAS). To be honest, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the Olympics at the moment, but the blog must go on! Past winners have included, Iris Apfel, Hilary Alexander and Michelle Obama. With Jarvis Cocker,Read more

Best-dressed costume designer: Sandy Powell

Academy Award Winner 2005. We Brits may not be forming an orderly queue to collect Academy Awards tomorrow night, but thankfully we do have one strong Oscar-contender, Sandy Powell. Nominated for best costume design for Hugo. The 51-year-old south Londoner has three Academy Awards on her mantlepiece already: Shakespeare in Love (1999), The Aviator (2005)Read more