Finding the perfect pair of jeans

Not too skinny, not too baggy-saggy-boyfriend-style, with a comfy mid-rise and a slightly cropped leg – I think I’ve found the perfect pair of summer jeans. As J Brand are one of the top everyday denim brands listed in my book Style Forever , I was pleased to discover the Ellis Crop. On sale (now half priceRead more

Cool summer linen

One of my old editors had a list of ‘banned substances.’ Snake print was not allowed on the fashion pages (largely based on a fear of snakes, fortunately we don’t have many of those in London) and neither was linen. Particularly the lovely crumpled, typically English variety. Shame, that. I know this is all beginningRead more

How to dress for summer as an older woman

I’ve written two features this week on dressing for summer as an older woman (one for the Guardian and one for the Good Housekeeping website) and this reminded me of a point in my mid-40s when I chucked out all my shoestring strap vests. That’s not to say I never go sleeveless, I do. MainlyRead more

Everyday Embellishment

Dries Van Noten A/W 2014 photo: My latest post for the FT’s How To Spend It website covers one of my favorite topics: Everyday Embellishment (or what I usually call Casual Glamour). Coming from Blackpool, I love to liven up a simple outfit with a little end-of-the-pier glitz. Let’s call it my Northern Accent…Read more

Style Inspiration: Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Honourable Woman

    My gorgeous friend Edward K. Gibbon was the costume designer on BBC series The Honourable Woman; Maggie Gyllenhaal is brilliant as the Anglo-Israeli businesswoman Nessa Stein, and is currently being hailed as ‘the best-dressed woman on TV’. I’m a Gyllenhaal Family fan and so when I bumped into Edward filming his latest projectRead more

Style inspiration: Thelma Speirs

  Milliners Bernstock and Speirs have relaunched their website . There’s a lovely video to mark the event (you can see it on their home page), it’s a schoolgirl story but my favourite bit is when 55-year-old when Thelma Speirs pops up in the hat shop wearing a vintage Chanel suit. And here she is againRead more

Simple chic: white shirt and black trousers

Photo: Redbook Whenever I blog about the Advanced Stylistas (which is quite a lot at the moment with the film coming out, and all), I receive comments saying yes, they’re fabulous women and good that they’re doing their own thing, but isn’t it a bit theatrical for everyday? And, my favourite recent remark: ‘There’s a thick lineRead more

The chic collarless coat

I’ve been thinking about collarless coats. And this has nothing to do with the Kate Effect, more the  Grace Effect (Coddington, I mean). From the Golden Age of Couture to Céline, pointy courts to skate shoes, the collarless cover-up looks perenially chic. LK Bennett Daytona cocoon coat, £345, available HERE . Elise coat, £269, from Hobbs. Available HERE .Read more

Quote of the week: Grace Coddington

Photo: Gawker After the eye-popping flamboyance of the Advanced Stylistas, let’s take it down a notch or ten. Grace Coddington is a woman who sticks to a minimal uniform. Mostly black with the occasional flash of colour, her wardrobe essentials include ankle-skimming trousers, a white shirt, a simple tunic dress, cocoon coat and a pairRead more

This week’s most wanted: metallic sandals

Now that I’ve seen The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition at the V&A (slightly disappointed at the lack of Liz Taylor jewellery, just the one Bulgari set on show) I’ve remembered my vow to make 2014 The Year of Grown-Up Glamour. I think my allure might have slipped somewhat over the Easter weekend but with a pair of fabulous Tods metallic sandals in my armouryRead more