It’s all about the skinny scarf

For a while, Russell Brand’s comedy-lothario-look put me off the skinny scarf. But thanks largely to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent Paris, this handy accessory has regained it’s chic appeal. Feeling slightly under dressed on my way to a fashion show recently, I perked up a normcore jacket and jeans with a slim, pink paisleyRead more

Why I’m loving (and acting) my age this week

‘“Ageless” is a key word that identifies the women of today,’ says Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, ‘Together they compose the mosaic of the new femininity, a way of being beyond appearances. Women who are strong, sure of themselves, talented, enterprising. On their faces, the glow of youth is replaced by the splendour of maturity,Read more

M&S loves Lulu Kennedy

I like Lulu Kennedy. A lot. And think that M&S are clever to collaborate with her. After standing in a field with Emma Thompson, Annie Lennox and all the other Leading Ladies , the founder of Fashion East has come indoors to create a range for M&S’ Indigo Collection . Kennedy has an MBE for services to British style and madeRead more

The grown-up gold dress

I keep seeing this oyster silk lamé dress –  and wondering. The shimmery fabric, the bodice shape, the sleeves; all very lovely but the midi length bothers me. Will this say Merry Christmas or Miss Havisham?  Definitely a ‘try it on and see’ number, because as we all know, there’s a fine line between glamourpussRead more

Inspirational Women: Kristin Scott Thomas

  Kristin Scott Thomas has quit the silver screen for the stage. As a fan of her French films –  I’ve Loved You So Long and Leaving (not to mention earlier blockbusters like Four Weddings and The English Patient), I’m not sure how I feel about that. But Hollywood’s loss is London’s gain, and IRead more

Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo: Part Deux

As I completely missed out last season, I’ve been keeping my eye on the Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo autumn collection. Et voila! A new delivery of fabulous patterned shirts and tweed jackets est arriveé. The tweed jackets are very reasonable, and very Ines. I think I prefer the dark green tweed jacket –Read more

Gorgeous dresses with sleeves by Allium B

Every time I see Mary from Allium B she’s wearing another gorgeous grown-up dress. One of the perks of running your own fashion label is that you get to wear the product – and model it for That’s Not My Age. Here’s Mary wearing her current favourite, the Helena dress (above), which comes in viscoseRead more

Inside Jenna Lyon’s Office

Photo: Glamour More procrastination. Today I’ve spent far too long examining the contents of Jenna Lyon’s office on the Vanity Fair website; like this photo of the creative director and the Obamas left casually lying around: I like the fact that she’s not a Neat Freak and there are piles of books and magazines everywhere. Ahem. There’sRead more

An elephant never forgets…

It’s World Elephant Day, who knew? Maybe I knew and forgot – my brain is addled and all I can think about is this sodding book (you know, the one I am supposed to be writing) – I think I might have totally lost the plot. Anyhow. I’ve always had a soft spot for the gorgeous grey mammal;Read more

New website: The Beauty Plus

Charlotte Rampling: who will be the face of Nars autumn campaign Good news, people. Jane Cunningham the author of British Beauty Blogger has launched a fantastic new website The Beauty Plus aimed at women ‘who love their age.’ On the subject of anti-ageing the south London, super-blogger says: ‘You have to wonder why the beauty industry thinks thatRead more