That Is My Age: Comfy Shoes

— by Alyson Walsh

Bet that title grabbed you by the big toe, didn’t it? I was going to put a photo of my orthotics first but thought better of it. That’s Not My Age loves a Mum Shoe and this gorgeous seventies-inspired, Swedish Hasbeens sandal might just be the perfect specimen. I’m sure one of the podiatrists/physiotherapists/shoe experts I’ve been to with my problem feet told me that a low-ish heel is quite a good thing, well better than constantly wearing flats, anyway. And the lovely seventies sandal would hide my bunions too. Two birds, one stone. Who said middle-age wasn’t a fun-filled chapter on the road to decrepitude?

The Swedish Hasbeens clogs look lovely, but I’m not so good with wooden soles. I’ve tried clogs a couple of times, once at school back in ooh the seventies and then again in the nineties, and can confirm that bruised ankles and throbbing bunions aren’t much fun. Anyway, I won’t keep you waiting any longer… tah dah! Here are my orthotics.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not easy having old lady’s feet. Wearing orthotics restricts footwear options to styles that are flat, closed-in and not too narrow. Which is fine by me, I like a pair of mannish brogues or suede desert boots (usually with a dress or a slim pant), if I’m on my feet all day, make that low-key trainers and wide leg trousers. And sturdy, supportive, slightly more expensive shoes can be worn without orthotics – which is OK in winter when my favourite boots come out to play:

But when it comes to summer, it’s orthotics-free, for me. Largely because the moulded insoles don’t fit inside low-cut shoes like ballet pumps and cannot physically be worn with sandals. Not that I’ve actually tried it, but then I haven’t tried walking with shoe horns rammed down the back of my heels either. So the annual quest to find comfortable, supportive summer footwear – a mini-wedge or rubbery-soled flat – is on. Fortunately, this is the season of the flatform, thank you Prada and Chanel for creating the stylish alternative to remedial footwear:

These are my kind of shoes, I want them to be in fashion forever, or for as long as it takes me to save up for a pair! In case you’re wondering, the fabulous Prada flatform is five hundred pounds (and sold out).

This Michael Kors sandal is pretty cool and comes in at just under four hundred pounds:

Alas, designer footwear is out of my price range so I’ve been looking for a more reasonably-priced alternative. Say hello to the Temple sandal from Radley. Not quite a flatform and a bit Like a cross between the Prada and Chanel shoes and the heel-to-toe gradient isn’t too steep. Yours for one hundred and ten English pounds.

Oh and if you’re a fan of comfy shoes, Clarks Originals have just relaunched their website and the wedge-heeled, Yarra Desert Boot is back on sale.

Do you have any advice for problem feet?

Catwalk photos:

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Bet that title grabbed you by the big toe, didn’t it? I was going to put a photo of my orthotics first but thought better of it.