GGs PreSS16Black and Blue splash and stripeInspired by a Moroccan baboush style, GGs by Georgina Goodman slippers have a 2cm slice-wedge heel and gel insole – a technological addition that makes them more wearable than the completely flat slippers I picked up in a Marrakech souk, and never wore. These indoor-outdoor shoes mark a comeback for the London-based designer, who now owns her name again and is relaunching her label. ‘I don’t really need a big tah-dah,’ she tells me when I interview her for the FT, ‘ but it’s exciting to be back.’ Goodman is known for her couture heels and A-list clientele, but it’s the foiled suede slippers, decorated with metallic brushstrokes and paint splatters that I’ve got my eye on. ‘It’s an outdoor shoe with indoor attitude,’ adds Goodman, ‘ who doesn’t want to wear their slippers outdoors.’ Could be the perfect Christmas shoe…

GGs by Georgina Goodman SS16 SL023GGs by Georgina Goodman SS16 SL039

For more information contact Read my full FT post HERE.

11 thoughts on “GG slippers by Georgina Goodman

  1. I am all for comfortable and unusual shoes – and love the colours – but the front looks like it might be really high on the foot – and can’t find any photos of them on feet. Anyone tried them?

  2. They’re totally marvellous. I’d really love a pair and can imagine wearing them indoors all the time. Would be a bit terrifying to wear them outside in the rain and mud though…far too beautiful to ruin. Am just trying to pluck up the courage now to click through to the FT article, as I might not be able to resist buying a pair.

  3. These look lovely from above. Have you got any other views? From the side? I’d love to see the heel as I can only wear quite flat shoes now. Unlike in my 20’s when l raced around in stilettos. Goodness knows how:I can’t remember any discomfort or difficulty at all. Now I look on the window of “Hotter” shoes and think “they look comfy” and my daughters tell me off and threaten to have me committed to an old people’s home.

    1. Oh Liz i do agree! I bought a pair of Hotter loafers a couple of months ago and thought it was my death knell, but I must admit they are very comfy and I don’t feel the need to kick them off at every opportunity. Exciting they are not, though!

  4. Agree they’re gorgeous, just not sure I’d be willing to give my furry slippers up for these…maybe for balmy summer days, whatever they are!!!!

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