Kay Montano illustration by Leo Greenfield

Today is the BIG day. The day Style Forever launches in the UK, and I’m excited, at last. Exhausted, but excited too. As it says on the back cover, this book is for any woman who refuses to be invisible. Women of style and substance like Kay Montano (illustrated above), the London-born makeup artist who has worked with all the biggest and best fashion magazines and photographers in the world, and told me:

‘A woman reaches her peak around the exact same time that society and the media say she’s no longer relevant. It’s a strange conundrum. We are meant to get old and accepting this has been an epiphany for me. It’s great to finally feel liberated – and I don’t give a shit about not being cat-called.’


All the Style Forever stuff on top of my job at university, freelance commitments
and the blog has meant that I’ve been working relentlessly for the last year. So, I’m hoping
I’ve reached a point where I can sit back a bit and enjoy life. The plan for today, is to take it easy and then have a celebratory drink this evening with a couple of friends.

Thank you to all the people who loyally follow That’s Not My Age and have helped to make this book happen. The Old Lady Revolution has started, let’s continue to raise awareness of women who are in their prime. Let’s stay fabulous forever.


33 thoughts on “It’s Style Forever Day!

  1. Amazing! You must be delighted. And rightly so. Enjoy the celebrations and am very proud that I have met you and enjoyed a few wines together. XxX

  2. Many congrats again! Look forward to getting my copy asap! The 'conundrum' issue as Kay mentions is causing no end of confusion at the school gates among my daughter's friends who tell her 'your mum's a teenager' (on account of wearing sneakers – not trainers – bf jeans and parka but my daughter assures me she's told them all my real age! Have a great time tonight and let us know what you wore 🙂

  3. Congratulations on a great achievement!

    My copy arrived in the post yesterday but I've promised myself that I'll lose the half stone I put on over the winter before I allow myself to unwrap it! It's tempting me from a high shelf – a treat in store!


  4. Mine arrived in the post on Wednesday, I am very impressed.
    It is visually very attractive, in a handy format, with interesting witty content (much like the blog, actually!)
    I have dipped into it, and, while it looks robust enough, I hope it will stand up to much leafing through and consultation because I am sure it will become a well-worn reference work as well as a relaxing read.
    Well done, Alyson Walsh and Leo Greenfield!

  5. Congratulations Alyson from australia ! Hope your wonderful volume is available here soon. I attended a lecture / debate this evening with the great Dana Thomas and thought all evening how great it would be if you were on stage with her.

  6. I've really been looking forward to reading this and was so excited when my copy arrived this week. I'm loving it so far, I really like your slightly sarcastic writing style! I'm a bit younger than your target reader I think but at 42 I find it really hard to know how I 'should' be dressing while still feeling like myself so all advice is welcome! Congratulations on a great book and blog 🙂

  7. Bought the book before I discovered this blog – devoured it avidly – loved the witty, helpful and never, ever patronising advice!
    Thanks from a fellow Northern lass.

  8. Witty, informative , great illustrations and your northern roots shine through ( from a northern girl now living in North London ) . Hope you sell oodles .

  9. Congratulations! It must be like finally giving birth, except that you won't have late-night feedings to worry about. I wish you much success!

    I think the part left out of Kay Montano's quote is that a woman reaches her peak when she no longer gives a shit what other people think, and she can be herself. A little invisibility can be liberating.

  10. Materfamilias – I like being a model of fabulosity! Thank you

    Northern Lass – lovely to meet you and than you for your comment, made me feel a bit emotional.

    Yes, yes Val – you're so right. That's exactly what Kay meant

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