How to wear glasses AND statement earrings

— by Alyson Walsh


Photo: Claire Pepper. Earrings Toolally. Dress from Toast.

Statement earrings are an easy way to make an everyday outfit extraordinary. Although, I am often asked by glasses-wearing That’s Not My Age readers how to wear statement earrings and specs. Being a firm believer in taking the ‘the more style options, the merrier’ approach,  I would always suggest experimenting with a range of different accessories to try and uncover a winning combination. And then one day I realised that the answer to the glasses-and-gigantic-earrings conundrum was sitting right across the desk from me, all along. Hat Margolies (pictured here), aged 45, is a colleague and old friend (we worked together during our magazine days). She runs her own photographic agency called Lucid Representation and definitely knows how to pull off glasses and statement earrings with pizazz. Expertly blending bold hues, sculptural shapes and shoulder-sweeping styles, all mixed and matched with her chic selection of specs and sunglasses.

Here’s Hat’s advice on how to wear glasses and statement earrings:

Throw out the rulebook

‘For ages, years and years, I felt like I couldn’t wear earrings and glasses. There’s this sort of unwritten rule that if you wear glasses you can’t wear hats, earrings or chunky necklaces. So, in the past when I wanted to wear bold jewellery, I’d always wear my contact lenses. Then I saw a picture of Jenna Lyons rocking bold glasses and earrings and thought, why not? I like how graphic it makes me look  – and get so many compliments when I wear statement earrings. They can completely update what I’m wearing and make old outfits look cool and cutting-edge.’

Pull out an accent colour

‘If you have coloured frames, you can use that to make a connection with your jewellery. [Above] I’ve styled my prescription Kite sunglasses with a favourite pair of acrylic earrings from Toolally and a green shirtdress from Toast. Pink is the accent colour that ties everything together – and I like that pink and green clash a bit.

With sunglasses, I always go big. I feel cooler when I wear them, like an off-duty movie star in disguise, which is kind of what sunglasses are meant to do. I used to stick to plain, simple frames, but I’ve discovered that boldness suits me and suits my personality. I tend to style my hair back off my face if I’ve got big showy glasses and earrings – my hair is naturally curly and it can look messy. The aim being to look cool, not like I’ve been dressed by my five-year-old daughter!


Earrings from A Weathered Penny. Top, Hobbs. Makeup by Louise Heywood.

Go tone-on-tone

‘If you find a pair of big, contrasting earrings make you feel too chaotic, try colour-matching them with your clothing instead. Here I’ve paired the rose pink Cora earrings from A Weathered Penny with a blouse from Hobbs. Blush pink is one of my signature colours and I like the clear contrast between the Gina top and earrings, and my glasses frames and hair.

I’ve been wearing glasses for approximately 37 years – and this is the first pair that I absolutely love. I barely wear contact lenses now because I love them so much. They’re from Cutler and Gross, and they were the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought but they’re bloody marvellous! Every time I feel guilty about the expense I think of the cost per wear. I saw a really good independent optician and he advised on this shape and encouraged me to try something bigger and a little different to what I’ve had before.’

Mirror the silhouette of the glasses with your earrings

‘The earrings I choose have to be bold and unapologetic. They give my outfits personality when I have to go to a business meeting. I work in a creative industry so feeling like myself and dressing with flair is important.

Another tip is to use earrings to echo the silhouette of your frames. Circular and sculptural shapes  – like these handmade wooden hoops from Branch Jewellery – work really well with my Cutler and Gross glasses. They compliment the curvy shape and go with everything.’


Photo: Claire Pepper. Earrings from Branch Jewellery. Denim shirt, Hat’s own.

And here’s a selection of statement earrings and spectacles:

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Photography: Claire Pepper

Hair & makeup by Louise Heywood. Louise does one-to-one makeup lessons in her south London studio for ‘women who like to keep it subtle’.

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