I’m over on the Guardian fashion blog talking about layering, this week. How to do it without looking like you’re travelling Ryan Air and trying to get your luggage down to below 20 kilos. The editor challenged me to do this without mentioning cardigans, which was easy as I rarely wear them anyway and much prefer this kind of outfit (from the Eileen Fisher resort collection, out mid-January).


10 thoughts on “The grown-up guide to layering

  1. My goodness AW, what a scrum over at The Guardian you incited…your word 'naff' comes to mind.
    Now back to layering which for you started in the 80s but my references go a bit further back to the days of chain mail when one needed a long sleeve T to ease the pinch and cushion the blow from an incoming battle axe.

    If you need some Chicago muscle to teach that Guardian crowd some manners just send for me.

    Yours (courtly bow),

  2. Nice piece in the Guardian and it gave me some good ideas for looking chic and warm, and not like the Michelin Man. (Am I aging myself with that?)

    I couldn't believe the comments.Why does everyone have to be like that? Gee Brits are harsh. Love your blog. Always full of fresh ideas and fun advice. x Kim

  3. Tough crowd at the Guardian! Enjoyed the article. Layering is the foundation of my wardrobe and Australian label Metalicus is my go to brand. The ease, the versatility and the elegance of gently layered garments make dressing so enjoyable. And I am not thin, and I am busty, it can work no matter size or shape ­čÖé

  4. What a nasty chippy set of comments over at The Guardian blimey!
    Just wanted to drop in the lovely layering to be seen on The Legacy the scandi's seem to have it down pat bet its expensive too hope that was shallow enough for the Guardian comments to become incendiary!

  5. Loved the article Alyson. The comments were typically rude and …well, clueless. One comment said there was no such thing as a long-sleeved Tee shirt? What are we to call a tee shirt that has long sleeves? Sigh. Maybe someone should write a "Grown Up Guide to Commenting."

  6. vendredi – nothing wrong with cardis! I just don't wear them very often but I do like them, and if they're good enough for Michelle Obama…

    Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments – you could teach the Guardian crowd a thing or too!

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