Why it’s good to experiment with outfit combinations & try something new

— by Alyson Walsh


Photo: Claire Pepper. Hair& makeup: Louise Heywood


What stops you introducing a new silhouette or style to your wardrobe, or trying a new combination of clothes? Fear of looking bad? Uncertainty? I love uniform dressing, having a series of grab-and-go outfits to rely on, but every now and then I get the urge to experiment and try something different. The other day I surprised Mr That’s Not My Age by trying a new Yoga With Adriene session. Since the pandemic began we’ve basically followed two of her 30-day programmes, on repeat. So much so that I practically know all the words and can chant along with Adriene. Yogi’s Choice. And, yes, I am a creature of habit.

When it comes to getting dressed without reverting to autopilot, switching up the everyday routine has benefits. Creating new winning combinations and unleashing old clothes; like these fancy Jaeger trousers I haven’t worn for years, can lift the spirits. As we’ve found during the pandemic, little things can make a big difference. I’m quite chuffed with this outfit combination brought together courtesy of my new navy leather shirt. When we ran the subscriber offer with Hobbs, they very kindly offered me a thank you gift. Rather than add another pair of stompy boots to my collection I rummaged around online for something else, something new that I would keep for a very long time and found the super-chic navy shirt. So far I’m mostly wearing it as more of an overshirt or jacket (I’m not saying the word!), and it looks good with a jersey roll neck, too:


Photo: Hobbs


According to the website Psychology Today, ‘trying something new opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new.’ Discovering a new item like the navy overshirt, or experimenting with a new combination of old clothes can bring joy, boost confidence and freshen up our image. And as most of us are spending more time at home, going through our closets, styling up an array of eye-catching outfits and placing the items we no longer wear in a bag ready to donate to charity, is something we do have control over, right now. And it might just help lift the lockdown mood and stop us being bored with the same old, same old ensembles. Variety is the spice of life. Give trying something new, a go. What’s the worse that can happen?


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STYLE NOTES: the polka dot scarf was bought from Universal Works (menswear) a couple of years ago and is still available in a range of colours. Silk blouse underneath is an old Diane von Furstenburg. Fancy pants are from Jaeger – which has just been bought by M&S! Velvet mules are LK Bennett.

In 2019, when I first showed these sale bargain mules, a reader asked if they were comfortable. And apologies for not responding sooner (!) They’re fine around the house and certainly upgrade the WFH outfit but they’re not footwear for walking any distance in. Which turns them into a posh slipper and rules them out as a grown-up style choice. Take my advice and stick to shoes that can hold the foot in place rather than pavement-flappers.



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    What stops you introducing a new silhouette or style to your wardrobe, or trying a new combination of clothes? Fear of looking bad?