The posh sweatshirt

— by Alyson Walsh


I love a posh sweatshirt. Excellent go-anywhere credentials, and the epitome of Casual Glamour. The latest addition to my collection is this gorgeous midnight velvet number by Les Chiffoniers. Beautiful isn’t it? (here’s the link to it online, but be warned – it’s nearly sold out). I never thought I’d see myself in textured sportswear, that Juicy Couture tracksuit/abomination put me right off, but fashion moves in mysterious ways. And this velvet top is so slinky. Here I am sporting the usual ‘I hate having my photo taken’ expression, right after the Margaret Howell show at London Fashion Week. I’m also wearing the old Liberty Print Nike Air Max and carrying Boden’s Chelsea bag. One of my friends joked that they might not let me into London Fashion Week with a Boden bag, but this lovely inky patent leather number is very chic and if it’s good enough for Helena Christensen… Let’s have a closer look:

Trainer gazing.


After this impromptu photoshoot with my lovely friend Dvora, I nipped across to the Whistles spring/summer 2013 press day, where I was immediately drawn to this super-soft, leather sweatshirt. I never thought I’d wear a leather sweatshirt but…sorry is this getting a bit repetitive?

Jane Sheperdson was there too. We had a chat, she’s absolutely lovely. Charming and talented. The CEO of Whistles told me that after four years with the company, she’s finally got the collection where she wants it. And I have to agree, this is one of the strongest ranges yet. There’s an excellent interview this with JS on The Business of Fashion website this week.

Jane Sheperdson.


Something Sheperdson said really struck a chord with me: ‘We identified that there was a gap in the market for grown-up fashion;
for contemporary, effortless, laid back fashion —not classic. There were a lot of people in that premium price point that were doing classic things already.’

Another fan of Casual Glamour.

PS The shiny bag was a present from Boden, and now you all think I’m really ungrateful…

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  I love a posh sweatshirt. Excellent go-anywhere credentials, and the epitome of Casual Glamour.