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Dries Van Noten is a designer that grown women dream of. By that I mean me, obviously. One. Day. But I know I’m not alone. His lust-worthy designs in luxurious fabrics and rich colour combinations ooze timelessness and individuality. There’s a brilliant feature on the the 58-year-old Belgian designer in the FT’s How To Spend It, where Van Noten talks business (still independent, still based in Antwerp after all these years) and downtime spent jam-making with fruit from his own garden. Mmm, the good life…

Photo: Telegraph
Kristina de Coninck photo:
Nadja Auermann via

These catwalk photos are from this month’s autumn/winter 2017 Dries Van Noten show. The 100th runway collection was celebrated with an array of models of various ages who had all walked for the designer before. Famous faces from the 1990s like Cecilia Chancellor, Nadja Auermann and Amber Valetta, now in their 40s and 50s. Designing for women of all ages is something Van Noten mentions in the FT feature:

 “I love to tell a story, but I don’t want to make costumes. It has to be contemporary and for all ages. We have 16-year-old customers, we have 75-year-old customers; my mother is dressed only in my collection. But I also want to move on, to surprise myself and to have fun with it.”

Dries Van Noten photo: FT

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Read Dries Van Noten on the secret of his label’s success HERE.

15 thoughts on “Quote of the week: Dries Van Noten

  1. Brilliant as ever Dries! And so gratifying to see the collection modeled by women of style, not women of ‘a certain age’. After all, with luck, we spend far longer over age 40 than under it!

  2. I love the fact that he used older models. They look wonderful and carry his clothes beautifully. I appreciate the lay of his fabrics but the oversized jackets/coats would overwhelm my frame. I did notice they are wearing flats. My only choice due to sore knees. Most clothes being modelled are featured with high heels, whether sandals, boots or shoes. I always feel a little envy.

  3. I am relieved to read that I am not the only one trying to post comments! I thought it was due to my lack of skills as far as technology is concerned. And besides I really wanted to thank HEIDI for explaining me the meaning of a word you wrote on an older post, I am glad to be able to contact you again.

  4. And regarding the post, I like looking at those beautiful and mature models with their gorgeous faces untouched.

  5. Yay! I can comment again! Thanks for getting that issue fixed!
    Although my purse strings do not allow for me to purchase any of Dries Van Noten’s clothing. I love the colorful coats and jackets he designs. I also love that he designs for women from 16 through 75 (and older).

    I want to be best friends with him. I want to make jam with him. I want to have a Dries Van Noten Jam Session!

  6. I love his general look and these clothes. I was fortunate to see his exhibition in Paris at the Arts Décoratifs gallery. There was a very comprehensive catalogue to accompany the exhibition. Which might still be available to buy.

  7. I’m pleased to see that the website is functioning properly now and allowing comments to be posted. Hope my email about the difficulties and error message reached you Alyson and helped with diagnostics.
    Back to Dries Van Noten and his designs, although these are very expensive clothes in beautiful prints and fabrics one can emulate this look by studying the runway photos and details on for example. I did save up to buy two pieces from Selfridges summer sale two years ago. A striped lurex loose pullover and silk shirt dress. Whenever I wear these I receive compliments and feel good. This spring I got an inexpensive cotton dress from Zara covered in Japanese type blooms inspired by Van Noten. I plan to convert it to a skirt. It’s the nearest I can get to this summer’s collection.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was having trouble with the comments, Alyson! I always think it’s my computer being the bad boy—so it’s nice when it’s not for a change!!
    I love the idea of many aged women for showing designer’s items!! We all want to feel valued and appreciated, I think!!
    That’s why I love having my stepmom & mom on my blog with me. Even when we get older, we get dressed every day!

  9. Glad the comments section got repaired and I would like to answer a question asked me several posts back. Someone asked me what degree I just received and where — I do apologize about chatting here. I have a liberal studies degree from the graduate school at Empire State College which I highly recommend. The program is mentored and communication with the mentors is via email and phone, so anyone, anywhere can attend. Van Noten in my dreams, my favorite designer, original, luxurious, and wearable all at once.

  10. Alyson, you really are one of my very favorite fashion/style bloggers. So happy I can comment again — have been trying for a week!

    I love Dries Van Noten’s collection and this season’s gestalt. I also appreciate his desire to design clothes for women of all ages. After all, I’m 71 years old and today am wearing a Pikachu sweatshirt. And I don’t think, given my current mood, it’s a particularly ironic choice. 😉 In so many ways, age is irrelevant.

  11. Oh, that beautiful, supersize black cashmere coat. A year’s salary? You’d want to die in it, though….

  12. Wow, those models look incredible. Nadja Auermann has always been beautiful and she still is in an even better way. Personally, I love huge, oversize coats. I actually found the Most Beautiful dove grey all wool gabardine Ian Batten unworn overcoat/raincoat in a charity shop for a fiver. (He used to be known as the BritishYohji Yamamoto and has a super cool shop in Highgate). I took it to a tailor’s to have the sleeves shortened and voila! my amazing coat. Often menswear is just made so much better. I read an article in The Independent newspaper by Dries van Noten where he says that ‘there is too much fashion’ which many of us can agree with. The joy of getting older is that there is absolutely no pressure to flash any booty to attract anybody – so flat shoes and big overcoats all the way! Ah the liberation of age.

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