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A snap shot from New York. Where the pound is worth nothing and what felt like a mild autumn day when we went into a pizza restaurant had turned into The Day After Tomorrow by the time we came out. The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism is in town and my Bella Freud jumper is the perfect accompaniment to the Stars ‘n’ Stripes logo (and is now layered under a biker jacket and boiled wool coat, big scarf and Manhattan Brother’s Carharrt beanie hat). I’ve never experienced such a dramatic temperature drop, it’s playing havoc with my sinuses.

So far, we have caught up with family and friends and kept warm at the Guggenheim’s wonderful Agnes Martin exhibition, been to Diane Arbus at the Met Breuer and popped into see Ai Weiwei in a couple of different spots. Do let me know if you get bored with seeing pictures of me wearing the same clothes. Unless mentioned, I do tend to wear my own things in photos and am not in the habit of buying or borrowing things, just because. On that note, I’ll be swerving Black Friday, too. Happy Thanksgiving!


More Bella Freud jumpers HERE.

22 thoughts on “Jeans and jumpers and Thanksgiving in New York

    1. The jeans are APC but I’m into Levi’s again, Cheryl. Might buy a pair while I’m here, if I can be bothered to unwrap the layers and try a pair on!

  1. The jeans are fabulous! I’ll also be giving Black Friday a big swerve; I can’t stand the constant push to BUY BUY BUY stuff I don’t need. So jealous of the Diane Arbus exhibit; she’s a favourite of mine! Enjoy the best American holiday before Trump ruins the country completely. xx

  2. No, never bored with your clothes. Not always a fan and the prices often scare ( and horrify) me, but you always look good.
    We shall be driving to New York from Oklahoma next week. If you’re still around I shall stop you and say Hello if we pass in the street! And like you we’re all geared up for the Great Chill as our weather also dropped dramatically: 30 degrees overnight! Quite a change from shorts and tees!
    As for Brit spending power right now even with our sad-and-sorry sterling Barnes & Noble can still expect a prolonged visit from me (for my magazines), as can the Strand bookshop (another treat) and doubtless a trip round the M&M store (Old Sweet Tooth’s treat). Well, you can’t take it with you. 🙂 (We’re in pur dotage you may have gathered!)
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving with your family, we too are celebrating with family; and Happy Thanksgiving, America. And er, dare I ask that you give The Donald a chance? See what he can do? Please?

    1. I thought of you at Diane Arbus, DRG. There was a Gentlewoman Style photo – tried to take a pic on my phone but was asked not to. I’m sure you know it anyway…

  3. Love your blog Alyson- – it’s like connecting with a savvy shopper friend. And you look great – better all the time so do please keep posting pics of what you’re wearing #inspiration!

  4. Please don’t feel you have to ‘entertain’ us or keep our interest with constantly new clothes – it would cut across much of what you say and what I have learned from reading you. With you on Levis though – I never left them. 🙂

  5. You’ll have to strip off every time you go into a store. The contrast between street and store temperature is so huge in the winter.

  6. This is probably a stupid question but can you tell me why 1970? I was born in 67 but I just don’t get the significance. (insert embarressed emoji here)
    By the way I wouldn’t care what the weather is like in NYC been busting a gut to get back there for 25 years!

  7. enjoy your time in NY, my lovely British friend! You look smashing!! I hope the Americans you encounter treat you kindly–for that is the best way to counter Trump’s vitriol. Stay warm, safe travels and happy Thanksgiving

  8. Thank you, Gerri (assuming [modestly] your kind welcome was for me/us. And thanks also to Heather for the layering reminder. Hey, maybe Alyson could arrange a group NY get-together sometime? (Be sure to watch for the date, Retrochicmama!)

  9. I’m a sucker for red and you look freakin’ awesome! Enjoy New York. As a native New Yawka, I gotta say that you will be doin’ a great deal of hoofin’ it so enjoy some comfy shooz!! Also, please don’t forget to get a bagel with a “schmear” and drink your coffee light n’ sweet. To really brighten your breakfast, try a bialy! Yum!

    If I wasn’t gettin’ ready to leave for Paris, I would have been in NY today! We could have met!!!

    Happy and safe travels and keep wearing your own clothing. You rock!

  10. Honestly, I really appreciate seeing you wear the same clothes — you always look great, but you seem to manage that on a realistic, well-chosen wardrobe. I can understand the retail industry’s push to unremitting variety (works for them!), but we needn’t fall for the ploy. . .

  11. And er, dare I ask that you give The Donald a chance? See what he can do? Please?

    Well, speaking as a fellow American—-NO.
    No to the man who got two million (and counting) less votes than his opponent.
    That’s all.

  12. You look marvelous! I’m looking forward to seeing the Agnes Martin show. We lived in Taos, New Mexico, for ten years and saw Agnes weekly at our favorite luncheon place. She adored my husband. A woman with great taste.

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