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Life isn’t all La La Land as we know (hooray for Emma Stone at the BAFTAs); the sunny yellow, summer dress is all very well but often style is about being stealth-y. The pared-down, easy to wear pieces that dance down the street, everyday. For me, that includes jeans – sometimes blue, sometimes black (these are MiH Phoebe) and shoes I can walk in. The Burberry trench was last seen looking decidedly un-La La Land for the Art of the Trench fandango, (me standing in the gutter, looking miserable on Regent Street). Anyhow, moving on…Here I’ve whooped it up with a Jo Gordon scarf (no longer available but have a look online for the last days of Jo’s SALE). Hitting the Stealth Style spot this week, Raf Simon’s first collection for Calvin Klein:

_KLEIN denim0804

A play on classic American style: raw denim, minimal tailoring and the odd see-through top. If you want my advice, ditch the titivation, Raf and keep it stealth-y…


Remember Tilda Swinton wearing Jil Sander (designed by Raf Simons) in I am Love? There’s a pair of orange tailored trousers seared onto my brain, though this summer I might possibly settle for red:

_KLEIN red0027

Stealth Style Forever:

15 thoughts on “Stealth Style

  1. “I Am Love” and “A Bigger Splash” – both Tilda Swinton, with Raf Simon as costume designer, were the best I’ve ever seen. I remember those orange slacks so well too. You look fabulous, relaxed, easy – which for me is the best style.

  2. I swooned over every single thing Tilda Swinton wore in “I Am Love,” and now I know why. Raf Simons inspires! His latest for Calvin Klein was wonderful, I thought, in a totally different way from the wonderful things he did at Dior.

  3. I like the look here for everyday. Mine is a grey Zara dressing gown coat, or olive Gerard Darel coat over cashmere jumper and jeans, cheap Gap ones, with good red handbag, Longchamps from Bicester Village shop with beautiful scarf costing far more than other items of clothing. At this still dull, cold time of year I’m introducing colour in handbags, scarves and jumpers to add to neutral basics. Alyson your long hair looks very good, but more well tended blond than growing out grey.

  4. Fabulous image, Alyson, and very much my style. Love the scarf! Scarves are my secret weapon – my flash of colour in a mainly neutral wardrobe. I spend a fortune on them as they lift any outfit. I can pretty well count on at least one person saying ‘Lovely scarf!’ when I’m out and about. It was the guy (guy!) in the garage yesterday when I paid for petrol.

  5. I agree with Anna K about scarves and have built up a vast wardrobe of them – particularly ‘map’ scarves. They lift the everyday and make an outfit feel ‘finished’.

  6. Love your outfit, Alyson, that IS my style ! The Isabel Marant scarf is gorgeous,and we all need ONE MORE scarf, but sadly that one is out of my budget. Sorely tempted though !
    I saw the film ” I am love ” but don’t remember any specific clothes, only that Tilda Swinton was the epitome of elegance.

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