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Guess what…I’ve been Blog Spotted. Stopped on two separate occasions by That’s Not My Age fans (That’s Not My Agers?). Once in a very crowded south London bar/restaurant while fighting my way to the door; I was ranting about the benefits of staying in, when a beautiful, stylish woman grabbed my arm and shouted above the din, ‘I LOVE your blog.’ We didn’t have chance to speak properly, so if you’re reading this and we met at Brunswick House Café a few weeks ago, hello and thank you for following! And then, another gorgeous woman called Susan stopped me in Brixton and asked if I was That’s Not My Age. We crossed the road together and had a quick chat, while the Blog Widower (with me on both occasions) tagged along, quite bemused. It’s funny because although blogging is social networking, it feels quite isolated and I still feel like it’s me on my own behind the dashboard. I am not one for pebble-dashing this site with pictures of myself so am largely surprised if someone recognizes me. I guess that’s just the Power of the Internet.

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In October, I received a lovely email from one of my readers called Rosalyn:

‘Thank you…you just made my day! I love all things fashion and creativity. Growing up my mother was a seamstress and I was surrounded by beautiful clothes that women brought into the house to have adjusted. We don’t do much of that anymore.

I wanted to be a designer but life got in the way, and so here I am age 67 dusting off my dream life, even if it is only for myself. Reading your blog lifts me up and gives me inspiration. Thank you for the joy of having your wonderful blog. Love, love, love it!’

Working and blogging and writing a book has not been easy, there have been times when I’ve felt stretched to the limit, but wonderful moments like these really do keep me going. So, a very big thank you to all my followers for staying tuned and cheering me on. I am overwhelmed by the kindness of womankind.


12 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. You see…that's why we love your blog. It's not about self promotion…it's about style promotion. And that's why we trust your opinions and views on whatever you post. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and aspire to be as good as you when working on my own. Reading your blog gave me hope that there might be a slice of the internet for me…even if I'm not in my twenties anymore.

  2. I've seen you a few times. I think we must live in the same area. This is making me sound rather stalkerish. Next time, I won't be shy and I'll say hello! (Once was at the swimming pool…I was there with my 6 year old son. I reasoned you would probably prefer to be left alone!!)

  3. My husband and I went to the theatre recently and just as we walked through he door I heard a voice from behind me ask if I was "the blogger". I was so surprised and thrilled. we had a chat about how my blog gave her fashion inspiration and I introduced her to my resident photographer i.e.. husband.
    He subsequently commented that nobody was likely to recognise him in a public place.

    It was an amazing experience.

  4. Thanks Caroline & lovely to meet you!

    Badinage, Vix, Patti, GSL- have to admit I burst out laughing. And, if I'm honest, quite enjoyed it. Bring on the groupies!

    Susan – more kind words, thank you so much & I LOVE the idea of Style Promotion!

    Lucy – oh blimey spotted at the swimming pool, must book in for a bikini wax. Please say hello, though, next time you see me.

    Josephine/Chicatanyage – how fantastic. It is very flattering and thrilling to be a source of inspiration.

  5. Compared to all of you established "big bloggers" mine is just a tiny drop in the ocean,only two months old!
    When I do receive an email, usually from good friends!!!, it is a wonderful feeling to think that someone is actually reading your stuf!!
    I love reading all your blogs and have picked up quite a few lessons from you all, Thank you for giving me the inspiration to carry on, it's much more time consuming than I thought it would be!

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