Charlotte Rampling plays Jocelyn Knight QC

Power Dressing ain’t what it used to be (and there’s an exhibition at the Design Museum to prove it). Today women want to look effortless and chic, and this is an area where the grown-ups outshine the girls. The Guardian asked me to write about Power Dressing on TV so I talked about my three current favourite actresses: Charlotte Rampling in Broadchurch, Audrey Fleurot who plays Josephine Karlsson in Spiral (spoiler alert: can’t believe what happened in the last episode *sobs*) and Sofie Grabol in Fortitude.


Audrey Fleurot as barrister Josephine Karlsson


Sofie Grabol as Hildur Oldegard the mayor of Fortitude.

Read the full article HERE. How do you feel about Power Dressing today?


9 thoughts on “Modern Power Dressing

  1. Good article AW! Charlotte Rampling is one of the all time greats and only recently saw her in The Night Porter. While I don't have telly, I'll keep an eye out for this feisty redhead.

  2. Power dressing is…vile. Was in the 80s and still is. Sometimes I like to remind myself how MUCH we wore in the 80s with the layers, the shoulders, the jackets, the shirts, the shoes. And then forget it by having my mind wiped. Today with the bodycon and wrap dress is still rather tiring. And shift dress plus jacket is dull.
    Mind you, a man's suit is perfection. We should wear those. But not with heels.
    Just saying.

  3. Annie – Agree with you about Eighties-style power dressing, it's hideous. But this is so much softer: the Burberry trench, a silk shirt, a pair of gorgeous brogues – and yes, a man's suit (without the big shoulder pads, of course).

  4. I think we often confuse "power dressing" with "corporate" dressing. In a lot of fields, that corporate style would be out of place today. All of these characters are dressed less formally, but still convey (quiet) confidence and strength.

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