Who doesn’t want a roll neck now that they’ve seen the St Joan of Céline ad? This navy cotton version is from Winser London, a great one-stop online shop for basics. My latest post for the Guardian discusses
what to wear right now in order to stay chic, cosy and cheerful. For
me, that means Casual Glamour: modern uniform dressing with a singular

Go head-to-toe navy with these Westbourne boots from Boden, £107.10, available HERE.

Try a lovely tunic top that’s as comfy as old pyjamas. Dolly top from Boden, £62.10, available HERE. Perfect for work and even better with a pair of Marrakech flared jeans from MiH. £195, available HERE.

Easy does it in a pair of pull-on tapered trousers and Merino wool Milano coat from Winser London.

I’m starting the year as I mean to go on. Are you?


15 thoughts on “What to wear in January

  1. Oh, that navy sweater is lovely, and the boots too.

    I find at this time of year I need a little break from my beloved black. Navy is a great choice, and I'm starting to venture a bit more into lighter neutrals. A long tunic over narrow stretchy pants is my default setting these days. 😉

  2. Michelle Braverman, what are the odds that we both read the same British fashion blog, considering that I just worked with you at Dress For Success Houston this afternoon???? Small world indeed.


  3. I love that last look…coat, pants …and particularly the loafers. Here's hoping this slim trouser and loafer look is not gone by the time the snow melts and I can put my boots away and wear my own loafers. And hopefully that happnes before May this year!

  4. Michelle/Jill – glad to see I'm big in Houston!

    Claire – I always try to use a range of different ages and relentlessly champion older models. These images are created by the brands and I've chosen them largely for the clothes which as Unknown points out are ageless.

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