That’s Not My Age Podcast Episode 4: Professor Carolyn Mair

— by Alyson Walsh


Why do we wear what we wear? Why do some clothes give us confidence? Can fashion be empowering? For episode four of the That’s Not My Age podcast, I sat down on the couch with fashion psychologist, Professor Carolyn Mair. A freelance consultant probably best known for her work in academia, Carolyn designed and lead the degree and MA programmes exploring the psychology of fashion at London College of Fashion. In this episode, Carolyn and Alyson chat about changing careers, body image, the impact of social media and the psychology behind our shopping habits.

‘Fashion and psychology are inextricably linked’ Carolyn said, ‘Both are concerned with sensation and perception, identity, the body and human experience. What we wear is important, it affects our comfort and confidence. Feeling good in what you’re wearing can lift you up.’

After working as a graphic designer and having children, Carolyn returned to study a psychology degree in her late thirties. Her career continues to evolve and since leaving LCF she has launched her own business working with the fashion industry, as well as continuing to work in education, and running her own one-day-courses. She hopes she can inspire other women to do the same.


Carolyn is reading Why Social Media is ruining your life by Katherine Omerod.

Carolyn’s book The Psychology of Fashion is available HERE



What Carolyn wears:

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Guest: Dr Carolyn Mair

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  Why do we wear what we wear? Why do some clothes give us confidence?