Ros Badger photo: Ceidra Murphy

South London is about to get a new designers fair, a carefully selected edit of art, fashion, ceramics, jewellery, books and interiors made by small independent craftspeople. And it’s all down to my very talented friend Ros Badger. We met when I was a fashion editor and she was the designer/founder of childrenswear brand Little Badger, and bonded over being northern in south London. Parents-of-a-certain vintage may remember the super-stylish, Little Badger childrens’ clothes worn by the celebrity offspring of Madonna, Joe Strummer, Dennis Hopper and the like. As well as running a business and writing books, Ros has worked in a freelance capacity for numerous top designers including: Betty Jackson, Margaret Howell and Georgina Von Etzdorf  – and at one point was the knitting expert on The Big Breakfast. She now creates beautiful homewares, jewellery and workwear which she sells via designer sales and her website Badger’s Velvet:

Badger’s Velvet products

Having met lots of wonderful artists and makers at said designer sales in swanky parts of north London over the last 30-years, Ros decided it was high time that south London got a look-in. ‘I like to be a catalyst, to join people together. And I’m keen to support local businesses and encourage people to collaborate,’ she tells me of her latest project, a designers and makers sale in Brixton, ‘Badger’s Velvet Underground is a collective of designers helping each other. The quality level is high and everyone has a good reputation and a similar aesthetic.’ Apparently, news of the event spread so rapidly that Ros now has a waiting list for a second fair later this year and is considering taking the show on the road. The Badger’s Velvet Underground designers and makers sale will be held in the recently renovated The Department Store building on Ferndale Road in Brixton and will showcase the work of 40 creatives including: Spry Workwear (I might come home with a new jumpsuit), designer Sarah King (Iris Apfel wears her jewellery), Ella Doran, Charlene Mullen and many more.

Home of Brixton’s new designer sale

Details of the event are below, I will be there signing both my books on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon (20 and 21st April 2018). Put it in your diary:


14 thoughts on “A brilliant, new designers & makers fair in Brixton – with a Know Your Style book-signing

  1. I’ll surely try to come along on the Saturday afternoon , as much to meet you as to see this wonderful department store.
    I lived in South London as a student and now visit it regularly for the wonders of Brixton market and Dulwich Picture Gallery.
    I’m a North /East Londoner and am feeling increasingly turned off by the same old same shops and restaurants . In fact I never buy in my area but have a favourite boutique in Brixton.
    Shout out for The Keep!

  2. Sounds great. Just my type of event. Have some Ella Moran coasters from long ago which still look fresh. Good luck with this enterprise.

  3. Oh! My two eldest children wore Little Badger jumpers and hats when they were small. I had forgotten all about them until now. The fair sounds very enticing.

  4. Will definitely pop down and see you on the Friday eve – what a great event. [Packs thermos and sarnies for journey South of The River!]

  5. I wish I was a little closer & able to attend this event, it sounds as though it will be fantastic with some beautiful things to buy!
    Have you any plans yet Alyson for a book signing in the North of England?
    Karen x

  6. yaay – I’m a Sarf Londunna! Shall make my very best efforts to get there on 21st. Sounds right up my street.

  7. May I suggest Salts Mill in Saltaire as a possible book signing location? Sure one of the most scenic and spectacular bookshops anywhere in the country.. and accessible from Manchester, Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire.. further afield too for the determined fans.

    1. Ooh good call, Jane. Saltaire is fantastic (I visited once, a very long time ago and loved it). Do you have any bookshop contacts, someone I could send a message to? Thanks, Alyson

  8. This sounds so up my street I can’t believe I’m going to miss it!! Definitely signing up to the mailing list so I know in advance about the next one. If they go on the road I hope they come NORTH – we LOVE amazing modern design up here and want more of it!! Thanks for highlighting this fabulous event Alyson.

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