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Meet the Positivity Panel. A team of experts gathered together to encourage women to be active and #GetMore positivity into life. You may recognize the fashion expert for this project, ahem, standing next to Davina McCall in the middle. Ryvita has partnered with Davina and Cancer Research UK to empower women and encourage healthy living (through the CRUK live events in 2018), and most importantly, raise money for charity.

Other panel members are (from the left): Rob Hobson nutritionist (who coincidentally is from Blackpool, just like me), Miriam Akhtar psychologist and author, Jackie Wren personal fitness trainer, yours truly and Kathryn Burrington travel writer and blogger. Having met each other a couple of times, I can confirm that the panel are all lovely and positive and so is Davina – who I got slightly overexcited about meeting and gave a great big hug. Embarrassed, or what. Maybe I need to dial down the positivity, a notch…

For this project I’ll regularly be writing exciting new content on style and age (expert advice, opinion, the usual stuff) to encourage women to feel more confident. This will run on the Ryvita website, as well as on That’s Not My Age.

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12 thoughts on “An exciting new project: The Positivity Panel (sponsored)

  1. Exciting Aly! TBH I’d hug Davina too if I got a chance to meet her

    I look forward to reading your positivity blog posts!

    LBB xx

  2. What a fabulous project!! We all need to join in, because the world around us can seem so negative at times!!

  3. Just seen Davina on the cover and inside the new RED magazine. She is looking absolutely amazing (the same as all you lovely ladies (and gent) in the photo above!)

  4. What a great idea…we all need this intangible concepts like positivity, mental health, tranquility in our lives and they won’t come unless we do something to try to find them… Congratulations to all of you.

  5. I like the sound of this. Too much doom and gloom. I don’t want to be too Pollyannaish but really, I’d like a bit more cheerfulness and to get things done. Too many moaners and groaners in all walks of life at the moment and in my view politicians are the worst of the lot but its easier to complain than get on with it. Of course I’m moaning and groaning writing this. So yes please , as much positivity as you can!!

  6. Interesting sounding initiative you describe. Shall stay tuned to see what you collectively advocate.
    I know Davina from Big Brother house programmes in its early days and many hair colour advertisements Clairol maybe.
    But ways of feeling and looking better healthier and more in control in these challenging times you only be a good thing.

  7. Absolutely agree. Some women don’t need any encouragement, help, etc. They just get on and do it. Others ( like me), need someone to gently give them some advice………. to get themselves off their backsides and get out into this big wide world, full of opportunitie if we just look.

  8. Love the idea but did you EVER try a Davina workout – I’m sorry to be a moaner & a groaner – I tried (failed miserably) – so depressing to have Davina as a realistic role model but LOVE the rest of you normal looking peeps!

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