Photo: National Portrait Gallery by Anne-Katrin Purkiss.

I’m interested to see what the official artist of the general election 2017 Cornelia Parker comes up with. Maybe her exploding shed is a clue… ‘Everything I look at now seems political,’ she told Mishal Husain on the Today programme (video clip HERE), ‘even the debris on my kitchen table.’ This could be the perfect role for a woman who has said she ‘never fitted neatly into the arts section,’ and ‘always wanted to kind of trespass elsewhere.’ Parker admits to being as confused by Brexit as the next person, and is looking forward to hitting the north and meeting voters. I doubt she’ll be as easy a pushover as the weak opposition:

‘If people say “You can’t do that”, you can be sure I will do my utmost to do it.’


8 thoughts on “Cornelia Parker on the campaign trail

  1. Interesting post – she’s a fascinating artist. I think the Today host is called Mishal Hussain, by the way.

  2. Well, actually I double checked and she only has one ‘s’ in her surname, so I was wrong too. Proof reading can drive you bonkers!

  3. I’m in the states. But before the orange darkness descended, I was in London for my son’s exhibition at the British Library and saw the Magna Carta Exhibition which included Cornelia Parker’s extraordinary tapestry. I bought the book on the creation. Great idea for her to express the election. I will keep an eye out for it…

  4. I was fortunate to meet and spend a day working on an art project with Cornelia Parker some years ago. A delightful woman and important artist whose work I admire. Her exploded shed which was exhibited at Tate Modern is an amazing sculpture which works on many levels. Very good to see her selected for this particular gig. I look forward to see how her project reflects this particular election experience.

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