Hella Jongerius photo via Vitra

How colours ‘breathe’ with light and change throughout the day is something designer Hella Jongerius’ work celebrates. Anyone who has bought something under fluorescent shop lighting only to get it home and find that it looks a completely different colour knows the score. But Jongerius is actually referring to (and rebelling against) ‘flat colours produced by design companies who strive for stability and uniformity’. Her work is currently the subject of a lovely exhibition Breathing Colour at the Design Museum; and Jongerius has been the art director of colours and materials at Vitra for many years and her aim is to show a broader perspective and illuminate the affect of quality of light on colour.

I particularly enjoyed playing around with the objects in the light boxes where changes to the lighting dramatically affects how colours are seen. And the ceramic vases and vase paintings with their colour swatches (above).

Photo: Dezeen

Breathing Colour is on at the Design Museum until 24 September. And here are some Hella Jongerius-inspired fancy pants:

5 thoughts on “A fantastic exhibition – Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius – and some fancy pants

  1. This looks special, I adore the change in colour that light produces. In particular my painted walls at home. The deep blue in my bedroom can change dramatically throughout the day depending on the available light. From a dark midnight through to a bright royal. Same for the pink of my living room which can look white or pastel sorbet on any given day. I love that!
    Yep this exhibition is definitely intriguing.

  2. Thanks for bringing this exhibition to our attention. I know her name but not her work. Will try to check this out. Saw a super exhibition on colour when in Bordeaux on holiday earlier this summer. At what is now called MADD : their musée des Arts Décoratifs. It’s in a converted former prison building which has retained the cells. A most inspiring installation of aspects of colour and best section devoted to iridescence. It ranged from beetles, butterfly wings, shells to Tiffany glasswear and finally current high top sneakers.

    1. I’ve been to the museum in Bordeaux, Mrs Tonia! Would love to go back there soon (as per your excellent travel suggestions earlier this summer).

  3. Alyson check out the MADD.fr website. Exhibition in new prison wing open until some point in November. One of the most creative and inspiring installations I’ve ever seen. Really worth going to. CAPC up the river the contemporary art museum and an amazing Piranesi type former warehouse building well worth a visit too. Tramline cheap and cheerful goes all the way. I’m planning visit to Design Museum now after your recommendation. I was frequently at Shad Thames one and before that at Boilerhouse at V and A. Need to check out the new premises and exhibitions there.

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