This is the best time of year for cinema-goers. The run-up to awards season is the point to catch all the main contenders. Fine by me, I love to watch films the old-fashioned way and can’t wait for the Darkest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It’s a toss up which comes first but my desire to witness a head of state who actually knows what they’re doing, gives Darkest Hour the lead. Kristin Scott Thomas has been nominated for the best supporting actress Bafta for playing Churchill’s wife Clementine. And after winning a Golden Globe, Gary Oldman is also in line for a Bafta for best actor. There’s a Vanity Fair interview with KST HERE. At the weekend the 57-year-old told The Times that she’s moving away from playing darker roles, ‘Acting is quite an invasive line of work. But I won’t do that anymore. I’m only going to do cheerful things. Building rather than mining.’  I’m holding onto that building-rather-than-mining thought, this year. And check out Gary Oldman dressed as Churchill doing a James Brown impersonation, on the Graham Norton Show. ‘This is so meta,’ as Norton said.

Kristin and Clemmie photos via Vanity Fair

Already an Oscar winner for Fargo, wonderful, wonderful Frances McDormand has added a Golden Globe to the collection and is up for a Bafta for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. BOILER SUIT ALERT:

There’s also Steven Spielberg’s The Post with Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham the first female publisher of the Washington Post. A timely story of journalists fighting to tell the truth against all odds… And Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut. If you haven’t seen it already, January is the perfect month for Paddington 2. This film is charming and funny and guaranteed to warm the cockles. Bafta-nominated Hugh Grant is absolutely brilliant as the villain.

Are there any other films you’re looking forward to?

23 thoughts on “Films to see in January 2018

  1. Frances McDormand absolutely rocks the boilersuit. I saw the film at a preview the other day. I came out of it quite blown away by all the emotions I had experienced through it.

  2. The same films are on our list.
    Love your line abut why *Darkest Hours* wins the lead: “It’s a toss up which comes first but my desire to witness a head of state who actually knows what they’re doing. . .”
    *3 Billboards* was excellent–sharp, witty, on point, human, feminist.

  3. Going to the cinema is one of my favourite activities. I agree completely with you Alyson. Looking forward to seeing all the films you listed with the addition of the Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World. And on Pay per view I’m keen to see both Dunkirk and Detroit which I missed in the cinema. Other treats in store Screen Arts films and Bolshoi Ballet on film. Several performances from Bolshoi are being broadcast in cinemas. Saw their version of The Nutcracker on film in December. Wonderful and uplifting.

  4. We love Paddington 1 & 2! Beautifully shot & designed films that appeal to my ex-mua eye. Incredible cgi of Paddington himself makes him one believable bear for my kids to adore.

  5. I can’t wait to see ‘Three Billboards’ and thought Frances was so impressive at the Golden Globes,as were the other activists. I do hope we see real change and my heart breaks for what some of these women went through. The statement by Catherine Deneuve et al is a bit of a strange one though. When I was young I absolutely hated being ‘hit on’ by random men who wouldn’t accept that I didn’t want their attention/to be bought a drink etc. I like men’s company, but I don’t think this is helpful to young women today. Sorry to sound waspish, maybe I’m just too British…..
    On a lighter note I adored Paddington 2 and we sat in front of a bunch of 60-something gents who were going on for a pub session – brilliant !

    1. Yes, brilliant acceptance speech – and funny, too. As someone who has a very low maintenance beauty regime, I also admire Frances McDormand for not wearing make-up. And Jodi – I completely agree with you about the Catherine Deneuve statement; which I find very odd. Men ‘insistently’ hitting on women in the workplace (or anywhere else) is indefensible.

  6. Ladybird by a a long shot should be at the top top of everyone’s lists. An exhilarating debut by the very talented Gerwig. Otherwise for really engaging stories about women stay at home to watch The Crown, The Marvellous Mrs Maisell and Feud: Bette and Joan.

  7. Loved All the Money in the World and Lady Bird. Just for tickets for The Post for tomorrow night. Three Billboards in on my list but it is not showing locally anymore, maybe now with the awards it will come back. Phantom Thread looks good. I am with Mrs Tonia, going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do, total escape. Love this time of year when there are great movies out, summer is usually the worst.

  8. 3Billboards, hands down an all time favorite. See it! And check out McDormand’s October interview in the NYT Ladybird is also fabulous. Want to see them again. Darkest Hour gives Gary Oldman the chance to show what an incredible actor he is, but left me wanting more of the brilliant KST, in her too brief appearances. Looking forward to The Post, which I plan to see this weekend. Hooray for more films with/about/directed/produced by wise women!

  9. Add “ Call me by your name” to your list, if you haven’t seen it. Exquisite and sensual…. and filmed in Italy.

  10. Please, please see “The Florida Project” starring Willem Dafoe and 7 year old Brooklynn Prince. It is phenomenal. I’m so disappointed it has not been nominated for more.

  11. Can’t wait for Darkest Hour, Three Billboards, The Post and definitely want to see Detroit on pay per view. Agree with your comments about a head of state who actually knows what they’re doing Alyson, Churchill did some stuff that wasn’t great, but he was a fantastic leader when we needed it most – definitely “Cometh the Hour ….”, who knows what would have happened if things had gone a different way. And also completely agree with the Catherine Deneuve comments – awful and very out of touch.

  12. I really enjoyed watching Feud : Bette and Joan. Excellent roles for Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. A stylish entertaining series that managed to raise contemporary issues about the vulnerability of older women actors alongside the story line. Two engergetic actors of a certain age clearly enjoying their roles. I recommend it. On Catch up TV now.

  13. Just saw “three Billboards”. Spoiler alert.

    I admire Frances McDormand (and Woody Harrelson) as actors – and not so sure I would call this a
    feminist film. Asserting our rights – absolutely. Using verbal and physical violence (even against one’s children0 and fire-bombing a police station? Hmmmmmm. Gave me lots to ponder – can we grant Dickson (the ex-cop) any redemption after he tortures black prisoners, throws a man out of a window, and wrongly imprisons a black woman as a way to coerce the main character? And the end of the film where they seriously consider vigilante “justice” represents a lot of what is wrong with America today.

  14. Totally agree with Kris – I saw 3 Billboards and was really put off by its tone, structure and dubious morality – and I say that as someone who understands the importance of moral ambiguity in art. Frances McDormand is a goddess to me but I really disliked this film and its glib attitudes to vigilante justice. Lately I’ve been turned off American film, it does seem to represent much of the worst of the US – in contrast to brilliant TV coming out of France (The Bureau is the best thing on television), Scandinavia and the UK.

  15. I rarely go to movies these days, but am going to see Phantom Thread tomorrow with some of my fellow Dress for Success volunteers. Since it’s kind of a fashion movie, it’s perfect for us!

  16. Just saw L’Échange Des Princesses, and highly recommend it, even though I missed at least half the French dialogue. The English title is The Royal Exchange. Sumptuous period detail, lavish, thoughtful cinematography, some wonderful actors (particularly Juliane Lepoureau, who plays the young Spanish princess, Marie-Victoire, betrothed to Louis XV of France).

  17. Happy that there are some fresh films to see… I so can’t wait.
    If you missed it the most inspiring movie from last year that stuck with me -The Eagle Huntress, if you have girls or young women in your life watch with them, it is so empowering. I was in enthralled the whole way through. True story of the first female Eagle hunter in Mongolia.

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