All photos: Michael Bowles via Port Eliot website

I’m very excited to be talking and signing books at Port Eliot festival, this year. Set in the beautiful Cornish countryside, I’ve been invited by the lovely people at Hush who will be holding a pyjama amnesty as well as a series of style talks. Catch me in the Hush tent at 1pm on Saturday 30 July, wearing my Hush Harem pants and military jacket and possibly a pair of wellies. There are so many brilliant guests at Port Eliot, just typing this is making me giddy: Gloria Steinem, Ali Smith, Sandy Powell, Sarah Mower, Nina Stibbe, Kim Gordon and many more. Together with plenty of festival activities. I won’t be decorating our tent with fairylights or doing Disco Yoga but I might have a go at clog making and Mr That’s Not My Age will probably be foraging for herbs or wild running (for the next train home).



Last time we camped at a festival, it nearly ended in divorce. The word ‘glamping’ made it’s way into the Oxford English Dictionary this year, as did the term Power Couple. That’s all I’m saying…



6 thoughts on “Going to Port Eliot festival

  1. Camping (in the moho) this weekend has been eventful. OH forgot his sunglasses and has been wearing mine (from Other Stories), we’ve run out of water, broken the water heater (now fixed), knackered a mug by pouring in hot water and I’m now on mint tea cos I have terrible indigestion. But we did see Jeremy Corbyn speak 🙂

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