Video director Isaac Lock spotted Ro Sylvester lifting weights at the gym (in full makeup); next thing you know she’s starring in one of his videos. ‘Beyond being a celebration of Ro’s incredible physical strength, it’s just about her representing this brilliant figure emerging from the chaos around her,’ Lock has said,’ finding the joy of fearlessly doing your own thing, even if it’s completely different to everyone else’s’.

Keep moving, people.

Read more about the All Day Everyday video HERE.




11 thoughts on “FAB, fantastic and super-fit: Ro Sylvester in the All Day Every Day video

  1. Enjoyed the video, now I want to know where I can get the yellow/gold tone dress she was wearing. Naturally it’s about fashion!!!

  2. She is an inspiration! Obviously, a woman who has stayed fit all her life. She looks fabulous and I’m jealous.
    I make my morning exercise a priority. Use it or lose it! I really do need to lift some weights though to firm up this old body.

  3. Thanks for sharing that was a great video, so inspiring and Ro you look amazing!!! I run 3 miles every day, longer on the weekends and do hot yoga but have have never had that kind of flexibility, am so jealous. Like other posters, exercise is my sanity, plus I have a 2 year old dog that needs the exercise. So I don’t get to take days off, at minimum its 2 walks a day.

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