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I’ve turned into a prepper. No stocking up on baked beans and bottled water or building a bunker at That’s Not My Age Mansions (we don’t have the room); just laying plans for survival in the face of upcoming work-related chaos. Know Your Style launches in the UK tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to that. But having been here once before, I know what’s ahead – while it’s not exactly doomsday, the whole experience can be very demanding at times. Mostly this comes down to the work-life balance tilting to become all work and no life. And I’d much rather have New Balance than No Balance. In preparation, I’ve been making lists and trying to be as organised as possible; planning a couple of events for autumn with the help of a brilliant, freelance PR. Watch this space for further details.

The Lovely Blue Shirt and everyday jeans are two of my style essentials. I’m wearing a cotton shirt from a small independent company called House of Khadi. The word Khadi means handwoven or hand-spun in Sanskrit and apparently is more than just a cloth, it’s a whole movement in India and was initiated by Gandhi. Maybe we could all learn something from Gandhi’s peaceful approach…

Know Your Style London book-signing is on Thursday 7 September between 5-6pm. Further details HERE.

See you on the other side.

27 thoughts on “Know Your Style by Alyson Walsh: the book launch

  1. Congratulations, Alyson! I’ve preordered from Amazon and am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book next month!!

  2. Looking forward to buying your book, my local, independent bookstore will be carrying it. You look gorgeous – that blue is amazing on you.

  3. You are right about non-violence. It’s the only way, as we are going to have to re-learn here in the U.S. And by the way, it’s spelled Gandhi.

    Congrats on your book — I know you’re going to be busy!

  4. Hi Alyson
    I preordered from Amazon and I’m told it should arrive on or around 20th September. I live in Greece, otherwise I’d be waving my copy under your nose today.
    I’m sure it’s going to be a great success and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  5. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to your book tour stop in New York. And I like how someone caught a typo. I always let fellow bloggers know about typos because we can all do it, but sometimes people are offended… Best pants, shirt look around.

  6. Hello Alyson. My book arrived today and as I was working from home it was with great restraint that I resisted opening til 5! From what I’ve seen so far, I’m impressed. I love the ‘faff free’ message, particularly the ‘eliminate faffage’ section at the end. I bet that will end up in some urban dictionary. The illustrations are lovely and fit the book perfectly. I shall get properly stuck in after supper. Best wishes with it.

  7. Such a treat to meet you and many of the other fashionable ladies in attendance. Greetings for San Diego! Can’t wait to read and study the book.

    1. Thank you so much for coming! I’m so impressed you came straight from the plane and it was lovely to meet you. Have a brilliant time in London x

  8. I live in Norway. Pre-ordered from Amazon and got the book yesterday! After reading your first book, I changed my wardrobe and hairstyle, lost 13 kg, took up yoga teacher training and am now a yoga instructor! Who knows what this next one will do for me.

  9. Really looking forward to getting my book which I ordered yesterday. Good luck with the launch Alyson and ……..BREATHE!!!

  10. Can I be very smug and say I’ve got it and read it? (Ordered from – great on line bookshop, great prices and caring employers – no shares in the company.)

    Love the book, Alyson. Beautiful to look at and handle. Illustrations a refreshing delight and the writing, as usual, punchy, informative, and no nonsense. Many congratulations!

  11. I congratulate you Alyson on publication of second book. impressive. Sorry to have missed the London launch event recently. I hope to come to a book signing at a later date. With my good wishes.

  12. The BOOK arrived yesterday. I was really fed up trying to decide what to wear for a country wedding in a field next Friday. All sorted. Silk grey trousers, lovely white waffle linen shirt, pink suede shoes, necklace pink & other colours – maybe including orange – sorted!. All shopped in the wardrobe and none of the dresses that I buy to ‘fit in’. Sod convention. I’m 70 . Alyson & style until I drop!

  13. My copy has arrived. Love the look and the feel of it and have dipped in to the flat shoes chapter. Looking forward to getting stuck in. Your writing has given me confidence in my own judgement and you’ve introduced me to some great brands. Thank you!

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