Let’s kickstart the week with a spot of action. This short video clip contains a selection of Ayumi Takahashi’s images from Know Your Style. There are loads more gorgeous illustrations in the book as well as top fashion advice and interviews. And there will be even more action at Duke Street Emporium in central London next week; where I’ll be signing  copies of Know Your Style on Thursday 7 September between 5-6pm. Hope you can make it. Duke Street Emporium is a gorgeous grown-up space just off Oxford Street in Mayfair with a Jigsaw, the shop at bluebird and a Fernandez & Wells cafe. That’s where you’ll find me feeding my face with coffee, wine and tasty snacks. Yep. I Know MY Style.


Over the weekend, I bumped into a few That’s Not My Age followers  – I never fail to be surprised when that happens but it’s always a pleasure  – and it goes without saying that every woman I meet is friendly, chic and stylish. Then yesterday I received a wonderful message from a new reader:

‘I bought your book ‘Style Forever’ today. We were in Waterstones and I liked the cover. I read a few words and thought, this is the book for me. It is just before ‘wine-time’ on the same day and I have finished half of it. Perfect. It’s funny, pertinent, classy and will be very useful! Thanks for writing it. I am 64, don’t care how old I look as long as I look good. I wear jeans, dance a lot, love music, wear lipstick every day and walk two miles most early mornings (unless I’m feeling lazy). Your book has given me even more hope than I have already!!’

This is what makes it all worthwhile. Thank you, one and all.


Duke Street Emporium, 55 Duke Street, London W1.

18 thoughts on “Know Your Style – Book Signing with author Alyson Walsh

  1. Fantastic! I hope to be there. Will be lovely to see you again too. Have pre ordered my copy already so hope it arrives before I catch the train to London. Sarah x

  2. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and so of the moment. They alone are reason enough to buy what I’m sure is a fabulous book. Thank you. Mary Kay

  3. I’m so looking forward to your new book! I have ‘Style Forever”…. just re-reading it as we speak. In fact, I bought it before I made the connection with this blog!! I’m nearly 68, pretty fit and still very interested in how I look !!

  4. I’m looking forward to the new book, and the illustrations are – I hope you don’t mind this term – luscious. Just a feast for the eyes.
    I have several deadlines in September, so I think I will buy the book as a treat for meeting them.

  5. I would love to come to your book signing, Alyson, but sadly am far ,far away. But I’ve ordered my copy, and it’s eagerly awaited ! It will obviously be a big success. And I love the illustrations !

  6. Congratulations Alyson on the forthcoming book launch. Will try to preorder book even though I can’t make it to the launch. Hope to attend a book signing at a later date.

  7. Dear Alyson,

    All best wishes on the new book! If it’s like the first book, it’ll FLY off the shelves!

  8. Sorry I can’t attend your launch in person and meet you, Alyson. But I ordered your book (in US from Amazon) weeks ago and truly look forward to enjoying it.

    Thank you for your blog — it’s such a treat for me. And it challenges me, too.

    I AGREE and that is why I KEEP ON BLOGGING as I seem to be LIKED by many and my HOUSEHOLD is entertaining!THE DOGS,THE PIG,the junk I have around……………..
    SOME days I wonder WHY I DO IT?
    THIS is the PERFECT EXAMPLE!!!!!!!
    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

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