This video of Adrian Piper dancing in Alexanderplatz is just glorious. The 69-year-old artist and philosopher with a PhD from Harvard was born in New York and now lives in Berlin. An exhibition celebrating over 50-years of Piper’s work, A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965 – 2016, is currently on at MoMA, New York (until July 22) and moves to Munich next year. Read more about Adrian Piper in the New York Times HERE.



For some reason when the Moving to Berlin video uploads from Facebook the sound switches off, so click the ‘x’ next to the speaker symbol, bottom right hand side. This needs music.

21 thoughts on “Love this: Adrian Piper Berlin Dancing video

  1. Christine, that’s the big thing I noticed too. Different attitudes there, not surprisingly.

  2. Go Girl!!! I live in Sonoma, California where people jump up and dance at every chance. Was a shy dancer before moving here, but observing the other dancers, particularly men, made me realize that the point is to just get out there and have fun. When people are dancing in a group there’s a tribal communion going on that’s exhilarating.

  3. Very very cool. Perfect to see such confidence and such moves.
    Perfect choice Alyson for a warm sunny bank holiday Sunday. This video radiates well-being.

  4. Of course the wonderful Ms. Piper has GREAT rhythm. She moves like a person decades younger, exemplifying the old adage “keep on movin'” as well as “Don’t stop ’til you get enough!” and “keep on keepin’ on!”…. I could on, but I’ll be kind and stop here.

  5. Wow, loved learning about this artist. Definitely brave as I aspire to be in this difficult world. Thanks for posting. Amazing.

  6. To use Alyson’s words, Ms. Piper’s dance is truly glorious! Has anyone tried to do this dance and managed to keep up with her? I’m turning on this video when I start my day, and try my best to keep up and dance along with Ms. Piper. It makes me happy. Thank you for posting such an artistic, inspirational and cool lady. I’m Adrian Piper’s newest fan.

  7. Late to this, catching up on a few weeks of Alyson’s blog, but Piper’s moves are so lovely. Not overdone, playful, just hip as hell.

    Love it! Thanks for posting. 🙂

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