Photos: Andy Barnham

London is carrying on. I had a meeting the other day at the Maison Assouline book store in Piccadilly and had forgotten what a beautiful place it is. The perfect grown-up pit-stop. Situated in an old bank in the centre of town, Maison Assouline is ideal for that all important business coffee or an early evening drink. Books, beverages and beautiful objets in a grand old building, I have no idea why I am not a more frequent visitor…

This month Vins Extraordinaires has a pop-up at la Maison (until June 22) with a selection of vintage wines, up to 30-years-old. As much as I love a rooftop bar in Peckham, there’s something to be said about having one exceptional drink somewhere special.

12 thoughts on “Maison Assouline: a lovely grown-up spot

    1. Retrochicmama, meet me here 🙂

      Alyson, I love grown-up spots these days. It seems there really aren’t enough of them around, even in big cities. Lately, my favorite places to be are the bookstore/café/florist etc. hybrids.

  1. I love this place! I always feel that is ‘my own’ secret space. A hidden gem- right out there in the open!

  2. First, my deep sympathy to all the hurting people in England. The senseless violence is just shocking. But gems like this bookstore are so rare anymore. Here in the states Barnes and Noble have just about put all independent bookstores out of business. Go enjoy often.

  3. Hurrah for a proper hidden “grown up” place for a drink in town. I’ll be there next time I have a meeting – or just need a shopping break…with added refreshment!

  4. Love this! I have to get there next time I am in London. A bookstore that looks like a little sanctuary. Here in the U.S. we are finally getting some real bookstores back. Funny now Amazon is opening a brick and mortar one nearby here soon, so they think they need to compete that way too. I try to buy from small bookstores. I feel compelled to take something home, if only to help them stay in business. There is nothing like a good bookstore.

    My heart goes out to everyone in London. Sorry you’ve had to endure insult upon injury from our idiot president. So embarrassing.

    On a better note, I saw you met with the wonderful Contessa from our parts! Isn’t she one of a kind? I’m so glad she made it out there to Chelsea.

  5. Thanks so much for bringing this gem of gorgeousness to our attention. As you say, to have a ‘special’ drink in such beautiful surroundings is a lovely treat – last week I was in a pub in Borough Market munching down on scallops with a pint of Guinness! I have been in Piccadilly so often and never even seen this emporium of delectables! Perhaps a whizz around Fortnum & Mason and a wander around Burlington Arcade and buy a macaron at Laduree. Push the boat out! My son finishes Uni this week and so we shall venture up there next week to celebrate.

  6. Ha ha! – this will date me: I remember going into that building when it was a Midland Bank! I can still feel the atmosphere of that cloistered wood paneling. Glad to see that the building has been re-invented…just like me! Thanks for bringing a touch of ‘secret London’ to our attention 🙂

  7. I am frequently in this area to visit the Royal Academy exhibitions. This used to be a branch of Hauser and Worth. A great gallery in a converted bank building. A pity that closed and reopened as this bookshop cum gallery space. They also have a branch in Chelsea near the Saatchi gallery. I patronise neither preferring real independent booksellers when one can find them. I know a couple outside of London.

  8. What a lovely place and gorgeous photographs. I live so far from London or any “grown up” urban spaces like this one. But knowing they abound somewhere gives me the armchair luxury of almost being there.

    Thank you!

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