Someone asked at the New York launch party what I’m currently reading. I’ve just started Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach and I’m looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend and immersing myself in this tale of New York. Always like a locally set book when I’m on my travels.

More about the Know Your Style launch event coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

  1. Hello Alyson. Hope you enjoy the buzz of New York and that book launch went well. I haven’t heard of this novel but did read her previous one A Visit from the Goon Squad. Recommend that if you haven’t read it.

  2. Yes, I always pick up books set where I am travelling….often in place, as I can’t get necessarily get them where I live. Manhattan Beach will be everywhere, given the play it is getting, well deserved I’m sure if Goon Squad is anything to go by.

  3. On the subject of books…..I ordered and devoured “Know Your Style” in one sitting. What a wonderful inspiration! Love the book, and have been a fan of the blog for some time now. I wish you continued success, and look forward to more books and posts to come!

  4. Jennifer Egan’s new book is really good and very interesting. The format is different than Goon Squad, it’s much more straightforward with a plot, characters, etc. I just listened to an interview and she seems to really enjoy trying new approaches to storytelling. I just moved into a home across the street from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and so much of the action in this book takes place there – so it’s especially fun to read and learn about what was going on behind those gates! Women entering the work force during the war, getting the chance to do all sorts of jobs, and starting to find their voices and become more independent. It’s a good read!

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