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Blimey, it’s Christmas. I’ve been cracking on with Book Number Two like nobody’s business and Christmas has crept up on me like a pantomime villain. This photo of Karen Elson is from Grace: The American Vogue Years. Such a wonderful roundup of an outstanding career, though the coffee table book is so big I can barely lift it. Must buy a coffee table to rest it on.


The January deadline for my book is looming and, as we’re away for New Year, I’m trying not to panic. The original plan was to finish writing by Christmas. Ne’er mind. For the next week to 10 days, I’m going to keep my head down and have a wee Blog Break. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to squeeze in a trip to see the upside-down Christmas tree at Tate Britain.

Photo: Dezeen

Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas! Thank you so much for following, reading and commenting on That’s Not My Age this year. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Bring on 2017.

Very best wishes, Alyson x

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. Happy Christmas Alyson. I have been following and sharing your posts for a couple of years. I live in a very small town ( they call it a City) in Ontario Canada, having moved here from a large metropolis 5 years ago. I love your page and posts and articles. Keep up the good work, it brings many of us a comfort and a feeling of belonging. The fashion is wonderful too!!! All the best for 2017 and the completion of your book. Cheers!!!

  2. Best wishes to you Alyson and family for a Happy Christmas and healthy productive new year. Good luck with the completion of your manuscript. I shall look forward to seeing how this differs from the first one and how it adds to the dialogue of how to dress well and stylishly as the years advance. Especially if one doesn’t have a personal trainer, limitless budget and has to chose ones own clothes.

  3. When I first saw the picture, I thought it WAS Grace!
    Thank you for YOUR best wishes, Alyson. Right back at you! Thanks for all your positive, inspiring words.
    I’m sure the New Year will a Good One!

  4. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas full of love and fun! Thank you for making my year so enjoyable with your fabulous blog. As an aside but, importantly, RIP Franca Sozzani – a great woman.

  5. Happy Christmas, Alyson, and a wonderful, healthy and creative 2017 ! Love your blog and your book, and can,t wait for the new one. Also A Happy Christmas and 2017 to all fellow followers of TNMA !

  6. Happy Christmas and 2017 to you Alyson and all my fellow TNMA followers. I’m sure the manuscript will be on time – we’re all looking forward to the new book. Enjoy your well deserved break. Looking forward to more wise words in the New Year.

  7. I look forward to your posts in the new year. You wade through the trends and present us with options. I love it when you, yourself, are pictured with your take on a new look. You always look gorgeous!
    Now, get down to writing that book!
    Merry Christmas from British Columbia, Canada.

  8. Your blog has recently been mentioned on one of the most important newspapers in Argentina, so now you have become international! I couldn`t stop reading all your posts, and have become a new susbscriber on your web site; I have decided not to dye my hair any more (as a result of your articles) so you will virtually accompany on the way! Greetings from Bs As

  9. Happy Christmas to you and your special people, Alison.
    Thank you for making me more adventurous in my clothing choices! Very much appreciated 🙂
    tomorrow I will be wearing my new off the shoulder white shirt on a very humid summer’s day here in Melbourne Australia.
    Barbara xxx

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