Matching and mismatching pattern and print makes for a joyful combination. (There’s a chapter on mastering contrast and colour in Know Your Style).  I may be low-key rather than loud when it comes to wearing print, but I do admire a clash-up on other people. And in art galleries. There’s a lovely, free exhibition of culture-blending photographer Hassan Hajjaj’s work at Somerset House. Now 56, Hajjaj came to London in the 1970s and worked as a fashion stylist and retailer before moving into photography. The British-Moroccan artist mixes African tradition and western street-style. Think Moroccan girls on mopeds, Malick Sidbe meets the Sapeurs of the Congo.

And mix it up.

2 thoughts on “Pattern and printspiration: Hassan Hajjaj exhibition

  1. I’m reading your book now, Alyson — and loving it. You made the subject so accessible for those of us not so instinctually stylish. And the book is visually beautiful. Great layout, typography, and illustrations — wow!

    And yes, mismatching after a lifetime of corporate, classic coordination of clothing is my challenge, too. 😉

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