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Aren’t end-of-the-year highlights lists useful? These days, I can never remember which films I’ve seen (apart from the most recent), so I like a good round-up. One film I won’t have a problem remembering is Grandma. Lily Tomlin is ace as the 70-something academic and poet in this warm, funny, feisty film. In the process of ‘transmogrifying her life’ Tomlin has cut up her credit cards and turned them into a wind chime, so when granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) comes to her for financial help – pregnant and in need of funds for an abortion – the pair set off on a road trip in an attempt to raise the cash. Grandma properly sorts out Sage’s loser boyfriend before visiting old haunts: coffee shops, tattoo parlours, former lovers, to collect debts and loudly broadcast Sage’s predicament. When asked by Tomlin when her last period was, ’10 weeks ago,’ whispers the mortified teenager, ‘Mine was 25 years ago,’ bellows Grandma.

This is a film about family, feminism and finding your way through life, at every stage. Grandma we love you.

27 thoughts on “Quote of the week: Lily Tomlin in Grandma

  1. Oh dear Karen & Marika…..a little strong I feel, surely this website is about all things re ladies of a certain age are interested in ! I love LT, so will be looking out for this one!!

  2. Marika and Karen, as olderbutwiser points out, this is a site about a range of subjects: age, life and style. Fashion in a vacuum would be quite dull.

  3. My goodness – Marika and Karen, I think you both need to see this film! You are both awfully serious and in need of Lily Tomlin desperately!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing this, I enjoyed seeing Lily Tomlin on the Graham Norton show talking about it.

    And I love the variety of subjects you write about. Marika and Karen need to take a chill pill, as my kids would say.

  5. Not wishing to sound too priggish here, but I am only too grateful that people with lots of interests and an ability to write well are willing to post articles on an almost daily basis. And, for free. So many good films at the moment. This looks as if it is another one to see.

  6. I agree…this is a great blog and thanks for reviewing this. I love Lily, esp in Grace and Frankie on Netflix. If I thought every post was about trousers or shoes, I wouldn’t bother coming back. I can look in a shop window for those. Personally, I am simply delighted that I am not seeing re-posted images of grey interiors or strange biscuits. Keep going TNMA.

  7. Me, too — very happy that TMNA covers many topics. BUT, it’s also interesting when people disagree! (Okay, maybe the tone was a bit harsh.) I live in the US, and I sometimes get tired of everyone being “nice” and agreeing with each other all the time.

  8. Weird that you would be interested in someone’s judgement about fashion and dismiss a movie they recommend as ‘pap’…

  9. Hmmm. I don’t think you need to be female of a certain age to appreciate a good movie, or good art, so while I love Alyson, I also switch off with articles that seem to me to be general interest, rather than specific to the demographic the blog is aimed at. I understand why you say fashion in a vacuum is dull Alyson, but you do fashion all day every day …. However, it’s what draws us non fashion people to your blog. We can get movie and art reviews anywhere. I miss the clothes stuff. So, while all clothes would be dull, mostly clothes interspersed with other stuff would be lovely! X

  10. Thank you for the movie review. I appreciate the chance to read your opinions of everything and am very glad when you venture beyond the realm of fashion.

  11. Surely part of the pleasure of being ‘not my age’ is non-conformity; allowing ourselves to have diverse tastes. Thanks, Alyson, for being so generous is curating lots of thought provoking and fun posts.

  12. So funny that a different view point is so unacceptable to those who fancy themselves as open to diverse tastes. I see this often though, so I’m not surprised.

  13. Wow… Never thought that comment would cause such an outrage. First of all, I’m American, and don’t really know what ‘pap’ means to the Brits. I have always loved Lily Tomlin and her sense of humor… I just don’t care for the ‘funding an abortion as family bonding’ theme of the movie. Alas, I have discovered that most fashion magazines and I suppose, blogs, lean towards the liberal agenda. I do think it is quite funny, though, how disagreeing is frowned upon. I am sorry if it was considered rude, Alyson, because I normally love your blog.

  14. Sounds like a great movie, I love this kind of stories and Lily Tomlin. It is not often that you see a movie with a women in her 70s as the lead, I can’t wait to see it.

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