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Rachel Whiteread was the first woman to win the Turner Prize, in 1993. The artist’s life-size cast of the inside of derelict a house in London’s East End was demolished soon after. I was born in the same year as Whiteread and have followed her career; from the award-winning concrete house (House 1993-1994) to the current retrospective at Tate Britain. I’m fascinated by the idea of ‘negative space’ or inside-out sculptures of everyday objects (chairs, tables, baths, hot waterbottles). And so I’ll be tuning into the BBC’s Imagine programme, Rachel Whiteread: Ghost in the Room, tonight at 9pm. Staying inside to watch good TV on a Saturday night, that’s the kind of space I like to occupy.

Photos: Tate
One Hundred Spaces, Tate Britain

The Rachel Whiteread Tate Britain exhibition is on until 21 January 2018, and there’s a great review HERE.

2 thoughts on “Rachel Whiteread: at the Tate and on TV

  1. I’m in Scotland, I would like to know more about your work. Is it possible to read articles or follow a page about exhibitions etc?

  2. I recorded and watched the documentary today. I too have followed her work and career from YBA time. Have seen some of the pieces casts of space under chairs, Trafalgar Square plinth and the illuminated dolls houses at Hayward. The later is now at V & A Museum of Childhood according to the programme. Hope to catch this in person at Tate Britain and Basquiat too. Probably in New Year.
    Pleased to meet you in person at Chelsea Jigsaw event. Will send you photo from my phone.

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