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Our Christmas gift to each other was a smart TV – we’ve joined the 21st century, people. Many an evening is spent scrolling through Netflix on the settee – and we do actually watch stuff, too. While revisiting The Squid and the Whale recently, I concluded that Laura Linney is one of those actors who has appeared in a lot more films than you realise/can remember the names of. There’s the one with Mark Ruffalo (You Can Count On Me), the one with Sean Penn (Mystic River), plus Tom Ford’s second film (Nocturnal Animals). She was equally brilliant in The Big C, on TV.  And from June, Linney will be making her stage debut in London playing the lead in Elizabeth Strout’s My Name is Lucy Barton. Double good. My mouth’s watering just typing in that dream combination.

My Name is Lucy Barton is Elizabeth Strout’s powerful story of the relationship between a mother and daughter; estranged for many years and reunited over a five-day hospital visit. The daughter has moved from small town to big city, gone from humble beginnings to a more middle class way of life as a writer. Ooh, maybe that’s why it resonated…

15 thoughts on “Something to look forward to: Laura Linney on stage in My Name is Lucy Barton

  1. I really like her, she has a rather still quality and a calm, luminous face.
    This has been on my ridiculously long ‘to read’ list. I have finally got round to The Outrun by Amy Liptrot, which also might be of interest to anyone undergoing a change in their life, whether by choice or necessity. Really life affirming and beautiful, loving all these amazing women writers.

    1. Thanks Jodi, I’l look out for The Outrun. I’m always looking for brilliant, inspiring writing. I’ve just started reading Transit by Rachel Cusk which is excellent.

  2. If you have Netflix and like Laura Linney, try the new series “Ozarks”. It is a very different role for her. Like the cast, writing. Don’t know yet if I’ll watch the entire series.

  3. You will have fun with Netflix. The interface is a little confusing but there is a Search feature if one goes UP. Hidden gems there if one is looking for something in particular. One current series we enjoyed watching is Ozark which stars Laura Linney and Jason Bateman. See if you can find The Savages staring Philip Seymour Hoffman with Laura Linney as brother and sister in a messy family drama. Recommended. Glad to have these recommendations of new things to read. I’m interested in reading Lullaby by French novelist Leila Slimani and Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch. Interview with both of them yesterday in New Review of Observer. Probably on Guardian website.

  4. Totally agree about Laura Linney, she’s a proper jobbing actor. I loved The Big C so much I actually really missed it when it finished. Perhaps I should try to find it somewhere & watch again?

  5. Great book and have you read Olive Kitteridge? That was made into a film which I have yet to view on DVD. And I bought her latest ‘Anything is Possible’ this morning. Now off to check whether I can get tickets too!

  6. Loved Ozark—a very edgy story, a seque for Linney from her character in The Big C. Frances McDormand starred in the movie version of Olive Kitteridge and I’m having a hard time imaging Linney in the role. All the more reason to see the play!

  7. Another Elizabeth Strout fan and a Laura Linney fan too. When I read Lucy Barton I thought that it would make a great play. Hmmm, we’ve been wanting to come to London as usual – maybe this will spur a trip?

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