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Whitney Museum photo: Ed Lederman

Blimey. I’ve spent the last few days running around New York like a blue-arsed fly (one of my dad’s favourite expressions); the Health app on my iPhone doesn’t know what’s hit it. The Trailblazers conference at CUNY went well and I will write about it in greater detail soon, suffice to say that it was a great honour to meet legendary model Pat Cleveland and Pullitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan, two┬áfantastic, inspirational women.

It’s the Style Forever launch party In Soho tonight, here’s a reminder of the details. There’ll be Style Forever cocktails, champagne and a book signing:

Style Forever NY invite-1

We managed to squeeze in a visit to the new Whitney Museum, yesterday. Arriving via the High Line at the tale end of a warm sunny November afternoon, we caught magnificent views of Manhattan bathed in a beautiful golden glow. The museum building designed by Renzo Piano is pretty special, too. And then finally I got to sit down…

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Photo: Denton Taylor






18 thoughts on “Style Forever New York

  1. Alyson, good luck and I hope it goes well. I see you have met Denton too! I met him in NY in September and he took pics of me and Sylvia (40plusstyle) on the High Line when we visited it.

  2. I am here daily, just haven’t committed, love our blog, inspirations, shares. You look adorable and
    Love the leather jacket!
    Nice party, oh la la! xo

  3. If you have a free evening in NYC, try Elio’s for dinner. It is a wonderful Italian neighborhood bar/restaurant on the upper East Side. Always one of our go-to stops.

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