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Now, this is a first. My very first literary festival. I’ve been invited as a guest speaker to the Blenheim Palace Festival of Literature, Film & Music 2017 where I will be discussing ‘How to Look and Feel Good’ on a panel with skin expert Abigail James, Harpers’ Bazaar beauty director Katy Young and Harper’s Bazaar beauty editor Sian Ranscombe. And signing copies of Know Your Style afterwards. Unfortunately, I’m on at midday and clash with Melvyn Bragg. Me or Lord Bragg of Wigton, take your pick. The plan is to get there early on Saturday 14 October to see Justine Picardie talking about Coco Chanel at 10.30am. Think this calls for a new pair of brogues


Further details and tickets HERE.

16 thoughts on “Talking style at Blenheim Palace Literary Festival

  1. Congratulations and well-deserved too! Definitely new brogues – what do you have in mind? I see it now – new brogues (Crockett & Jones Olivia are on my lottery-win wish list) and your Margaret Howell cord jacket – now that IS a very literary, blue-stocking image to conjure up!!

  2. Congratulations! Can’t wait to buy your new book here soon in the States! I’m a little nuts over The Office of Angela Scott brogues myself.

  3. I love that festival – have been a couple of times and may be going this year! I spotted you are talking at it. Am sure it will go well. It’s a beautiful venue for a book festival.

  4. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOT Only have I met YOU but I have met the COUNTESS of BLEINHEIM!I don’t think she is a COUNTESS like me………
    What is her TITLE………?Help me out!
    It looks like a SPECTACULAR SPOT to spend the DAY and BASK in YOUR SUCCESS!

  5. Your book arrived yesterday (its a long way to New Zealand) and I am really enjoying reading it, and so not preachy, thank you. So next week I will have a day of trying on all of my clothes and being ruthless !

    Congratulations on the book, love it.

  6. Would love to hear your talk at Blenheim and see Jenny Holzer exhibition and walk in the Capability Brown landscape on the day. Unlikely sadly because I’m supposed to be flying off to a potential war zone in the Far East a few days before.
    Congratulations on the new book and the Blenheim Woodstock Festival event. It’s bound to be good. I did attend a lecture by Melyvn Bragg at a Literary Festival when he was promoting his most recent novel about his mother and dementia. He was quite delightful. But in this case I would choose your event.

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