Warning: this is not about discounted retail sales but it could involve empowering women and a small amount of cyber shopping. To help support vulnerable young women in India, bohemian fashion label East has collaborated with the Key to Freedom project to raise money for the Women’s Interlink Foundation. Rescued from the sex trade or domestic abuse, women are taught the skills necessary to earn income, become self-reliant and regain control of their lives. The latest collection for the charity project includes a rather lovely block-printed cotton weekend bag (a great contrast to your Showbiz Boots), a makeup case and a handmade silk scarf. All of which come in a variety of different prints. Each item carries the woman’s signature inside and all the profits go straight into the maker’s bank account.

Key to Freedom products are available HERE.

10 thoughts on “That’s Not Cyber Monday: a charity project supporting vulnerable women

  1. Thank you so much for talking about the wonderful Key to Freedom. I manage the collection and the brand on a day to day basis and really appreciate the feature .
    Thank you again. Anything we can do to get the model out there – today’s slaves rescued , given food and shelter , education or vocational training who can go back into the world with a skill and confidence and empowerment , is great . And by selling their products in the West , at Western prices , East are enabling the ladies to , not only , save for their future but , equally , enjoy simple pleasures like nail varnish , a new top , like normal ladies .

  2. I never really understand why we have Cyber Monday in the UK anyway… Thanks for bringing this project to our attention

  3. Thank you for this. I ordered some items earlier this week which have just arrived. All beautiful and excellent quality. Solved lots of gift questions and so delighted to be able to help.

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