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Sometimes matchy-matchy does work. This week’s style discovery is the Japanese couple Bon and Pon on Instagram. The tag (@bonpon511) is a combination of their names and wedding date. Bon and Pon have been married for 37 years, wear complimentary rather than identical outfits and look incredibly chic. Stripes, gingham and tartan are carefully coordinated, and simple wardrobe basics abound. Uniqlo should sign them up! Occasionally, I look at Mr That’s Not My Age when we are about to leave the building and notice that there is a unplanned similarity between our outfits. No matching gingham pieces but we’ll both be in black jeans and Chelsea boots or single-breasted overcoats and stripy scarves. Mr That’s Not My Age is far too shy to appear on social media and anyway, he’s suggested that there are only similarities because I’m always borrowing his clothes…


In other social media news, my boards were chosen by Pinterest as part of their Wonder Woman Week and this feature on politics and personal brands made me laugh. Have a lovely weekend.


8 thoughts on “The art of coordination by Japanese Instagram stars Bon and Pon

  1. Not a fan of intentional coordination. Similar feel in style seems natural, but deliberate matching seems too forced and twee, much like matching toddlers or those Mommy Dearest mother-daughter costumes.

  2. Like so much fashion, what’s a do for some people is total don’t for others. It’s the je ne sais pas that allows one (or two) to carry this off!

  3. I’m standing in the no mans land between adoration and horror, but still following! Love the brand piece, so true.

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