Lubaina Himid’s cut-out work representing African slaves 

The Turner Prize has gone ageless. I’m a bit late to this snippet of news but I have been in Book Editing Hell for the last week. Nearly there… As creativity is not limited to the young and artists often make a breakthrough later in life, removing the age limit makes perfect sense. My money is on Lubaina Himid, 62, a professor of Contemporary Art at the University of Lancashire – just down the road from my home town, whoop. Born in Zanzibar and raised in London, Himid was a pioneer of the Black Art movement in the 1980s, and her focus has always been on identity, ‘themes of belonging and how black people contribute to the cultural landscape in Great Britain.’ As well as the Turner Prize nomination Professor Himid has had three exhibitions already this year, and it’s only May.

Freedom and Change, 1984.
Drowned Orchard: Secret Boatyard

The Turner prize award ceremony is being held in Hull, this year’s City of Culture and I’m hoping to get up there in summer to check out what’s on and visit friends.

Lubaina Himid photo via FT

There’s an interview with Lubaina Himid in the FT and another one with further examples of the artist’s work HERE.

6 thoughts on “This year’s Turner Prize has no age limit

  1. I heard this and was amazed as I had no idea that there was an age limit. How peculiar. And I am glad this has been changed. It is very arrogant to assume an age limit – I believe it was in place to stop winners (aged types) seeing it as a lifetime award. Again, bizarre thinking.

  2. Agree that age is no barrier to art. Look out for TNMA followers making their own contribution to the Sea of Hull……

  3. Best of luck Lubaina.
    Most artists create their entire lives….. let’s hope the limits are lifted more often. Recently went to apply for a “mid-career” grant and the cutoff age was 50, sigh.

  4. Not knowing her work previously I saw her one person exhibition at Modern Art Oxford in March. Impressive engaged paintings, graphics and sculpture. I do hope she wins. Very good that the age cutoff has been extended. The older artist Phylida Barlow is representing Britain at this year’s Biennale in Venice. She’s in her 70s and has been producing art continuously.
    It’s good that these artists are now coming to the forefront along with others who have had exhibitions in London in the last year or two.

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