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I’ve had my ear pierced again, and it’s throbbing. Technically, it’s a re-piercing; as a teenager, I had three holes in my left lobe but two of them have been defunct for decades. This is not a reaction to the political turmoil (if it’s going to feel like the 1970s all over again, I might as well dress the part) or a midlife crisis – I found this article in the New York Times on Ear Piercings without an Age Limit. I just like what’s going on with earrings at the moment. Ear cuffs and crawlers, multi-piercings and asymmetric pairings – all come under the category of age-defying style. There has been a rise in midlife multi-piercings and an array of elegant earrings do look ageless and chic – I like the idea of having tiny diamond studs dotted up my earlobe (who doesn’t?). Currently dousing myself with saltwater and trying not to lie on my left side, in bed – and as soon as my left lobe calms down, I’ll be going back for more.


You’re never too old for ear candy:

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  1. I had 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other in my teens, but like you most have been defunct for many years.

    I am an earring lover and feel undressed without earrings but have not even contemplated multiple piercing for a very long time. NowadaysI have little care for the corporate pressure that had me removing those extra piercings and at 50 I know I’ll be wearing this quite differently to last time. I love the idea of multiple holes in one ear. Is this a thing?

  2. I read this post while soaking my new ear piercing in a glass of salt water! After years of three holes (two in one ear, one in the other) and rarely using that 80s-era third one, I got a forth to balance it out. Now I need to find sets – a stud and a dangling earring that match. Any suggestions?

  3. I had two new piercings added in January and found it very helpful to tie a lightweight scarf around my head (covering my ears) for sleeping. This prevented the earrings from catching in the bedding fabric and provided a bit of padding for the new wounds. Took forever to heal – I don’t recall having this much healing time 45 years ago!

  4. Kudos! At 52 I was also wondering the same… am I too mature (old???) for this attractive style. Thanks to all my peers for the incentive. I’ll be heading to Piercing Pagoda as well!!!

  5. Hydrogen peroxide also helps the healing. I don’t have multiple piercings (but I love them), however I am contemplating a small tattoo to celebrate my 65th in August. And if I don’t get a tattoo I might purchase a surfboard.

    1. I just got my first tattoo at 54 and am simply loving it. It was truly an affirmation and a milestone for me in this amazing phase of my life.

  6. Count me in. I have three on each ear lobe and usually sport a small hoop and small stud in holes 2 and 3 (that almost sounds kinky). I leave the front one for the earring of the day. I’ve had piercing 2 for almost 30 years and I got the third one about 5 years ago when I allowed my daughter to get hers. She has several more now but I’m good with 3.


  7. Two in one ear, one in the other. Bought tiny diamond studs when I was 21 and lost one down a plug hole in Brussels, so the odd one moved up a notch. Bigger studs for my 30th. Chandelier earrings for special occasions. Oh and a navel piercing when I got married at 37, which my teenage daughter is appalled by!

  8. I’ve read your blog for awhile now but never commented. I am 45 and have 4 piercings in my left ear (3 along the bottom and one up top) and 2 on the right side! I have a tiny turquoise stud in the top and wear tiny diamond silver in the others along with whatever earrings I choose for the day and I LOVE them! I love that women are expressing themselves. You do YOU ladies!

  9. I had my first ear piercing at 15 – back then they used something akin to a hole punch. You had your ear swabbed – they punched a hole then put in the stud. I always wondered what they did with the bit of flesh they punched out. My sister in law had hers done with the bottle cork & ice cube method!

    My next 2,sets came in the 80s and 90s so I now I have 3 piercings in each ear – I wear studs in the the top 2 holes and the lower one is for whatever I fancy each day. The studs rarely match – like socks, studs start off in pairs but split with bewildering rapidity. I keep thinking that I might get another set of piercings but get sidetracked by tattoos (5 and counting)

  10. I guess it’s the collective consciousness! Or maybe social media. I’ve also been obsessing over this recently. In the 70’s I had a total of 5 holes in my ears but have let three of them close up. As I was revisiting this question a day or so ago, I reached the conclusion that since my large-ish ears will continue to grow as I age, this might not be the time to put the focus on them. I do love the look though. I’ll enjoy yours. 🙂

  11. I have read your blog for a long time but I never commented. I am 55 and have 4 holes in my right ear and 1 on the left side! I have diamond studs in 4 holes and one hole is empty right now but it had a ring ten years ago.

  12. I also love a good ear crawler (I have five!) and I adore asymmetrical earrings. Tibi does some amazing asymmetrical earrings; I’m a huge fan. More holes in your ears = more accessories… never a bad thing! 🙂

  13. I have two holes in each ear (on piercing begged for at 14 and the other at 18 to the disgust of my parents) and have recently forced the back one open again. (No pain, no gain). I am enjoying wearing a stud in the back and a long dangly one in the front piercing. I also have a closed up nose piercing, but I think that I shall put that one to rest! The ring finger rose tattoo done at 45 is my pride and joy.

  14. Please don’t use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ear piercing unless recommended by a medical professional. Too drying and irritating to the skin.

  15. I didn’t even know it was back. I have four in one ear and three in the other but it’s probably been 30 years since I wore more than a single matching pair, although the holes are still in working order. Not sure I want to go back to my teens that much.

  16. I have 5 holes on one side and 3 in the other. Only 1 hole has closed up. I wear small gold hoops (sleepers) full time in 3 of those holes and add random long and short earrings when I feel like it. I love my holey ears and feel like it’s the only holdover from my “cool” years. Glad to know I’m back on trend.

  17. Oh, I’m a wimp. I cannot bear the idea of having my ears pierced. I’m not phobic about needles for medical jabs, but through my ears……….aaargh! I once worked with a girl who was mugged and had her earring ripped off, slicing through the lobe. I was squeamish before hearing that, though. I wear clip-ons with no problems.

    When my daughter was 14, she started agitating for pierced ears and I insisted she wait till she was 16. Then I thought: if she was pregnant, I wouldn’t forbid an abortion if she felt that was what she wanted. Daft, or what? So she had her ears pierced.

    1. OW Ow Ow!! I am soooo squeamish too! I like Coops London – they are circular discs that you sandwich your lobe between (I don’t know how else to explain it!). Not quite a ‘clip on’ but no need for piercing and you can wear it anywhere on the ear. Fits with the ‘discreet jewellery’ trend too!

  18. I am thrilled that others love the multiple piercing, just not for me. When I see mature women with several piercings, I smile and think she trying reclaim a bit of her youth. Nothing wrong with that.

  19. I am thrilled that others love the multiple piercings, just not for me. When I see mature women with several piercings, I smile and think she trying reclaim a bit of her youth. Nothing wrong with that.

  20. I am thrilled that others love the multiple piercings, just not for me. When I see mature women with several piercings, I smile and think she trying to reclaim a bit of her youth. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. Amazing! I discovered a few weeks ago that my 2nd hole in my right ear was still open, some 30 years since I wore earrings in it. So promptly hurried down to my favorite local shop and bought teeny silver studs, which I rotate with an old minuscule ruby stud. I would pierce more, but that additional hole hurt like hell when I was 18 and not brave enough to do more. I was told in my young working days it wasn’t professional to have more than one hole in each ear. Now, as one of the senior on the work team I figure eff it and will wear what I want. Bravo for more piercings to you, Alyson, and the other women!

  22. How funny, inspired by this I just went and tried to re-pierce my second holes that I haven’t worn earings in for at least 30 years et voila! they are still totally useable – score.

  23. At 16 I had two and two. One got ripped out accidentally at an overexcited Cure gig in Edinburgh ( ouch) and I let it heal over. The other is remarkably still usable although I don’t tend to bother anymore. Each to their own! Alyson, I love your style blog but can we lose the politics? It’s clear what your views are. X

  24. I had my ears pierced at 13 and then as a bored, rebellious and broke 16 year-old I gave myself another 3 piercings in my left ear. Lots of ice and a thick needle! One or two of the extra holes are still workable and the second hole looks great with a CZ ear wing. Now at 50, not bored but ready to freshen my look, I have decided to really get them going again. Inspiring! Thanks 🙂
    PS. On my website we sell some awesome ear cuffs, hand made in New Zealand – we ship everywhere!

  25. I had two holes in each year some years ago, but due to laziness and losing so many earrings, I let them close up and my earrings of choice these days are hoops. That’s it.
    I will admit, though, that I find the look of a pierced nose with a tiny diamond stud very nice. Due to my hypochondria, however, I’m petrified that if I do go through with a nose piercing, I’ll get a terrible infection that will make it’s way to my brain and the gray matter between my ears can’t afford to be any more affected than it is now!

  26. Two piercings in one ear and rhree in another. Loved them all, although now with necessary 2 hearing aids and the occasional eye glasses I find it all too much and distracting. I’ve compromiswd and wear 2 or three earrings at the max. Ah well, there are other ways to bejewel ourselves and be who we are.

  27. This is lovely as I did not know that it is coming back. I have four in one and two in the other ear. All done in my teens when punk was my thing. I wear four white gold little hoop earrings and two bigger ones. I never take them out even though I work in a City environment. I always thought that I would still want to be me. And ‘me’ comes with 6 earrings and a belly button piercing. Oh, I am about to turn 50. And I still think it looks cool, even better with my hair up so all is on display.

  28. You can never be too old for multiple piercings anywhere! I got a third one in my left ear lobe a long time ago so that I could wear lone/”partnerless” (other earring lost or broken) ones and have a silver sleeper when not wearing an “odd” one. I had a yearning to have a diamond in my nose after seeing a magazine photo of a stunning silver hair Indian woman, and at the age of 42 I took the plunge – I still love my little diamond even though I swore multiple times during and after the event!!!

  29. Just felt inspired and as a rite of passage for my 65th birthday have added a second piercing to my left lobe!

  30. Late to this posting – but browsing through the back catalogue of posts. Just had an earring overhaul with a new piercing and four rings for old piercings from my teenage years – courtesy of Maria Tash at Liberty’s! A birthday treat to myself as I hit 54. I would highly recommend – the staff are very charming and helpful.

  31. I thought something was wrong with me for wanting more ear piercings, but finding this website and reading all your comments, I guess I’m normal. Lol. At 53 yrs old, I added 3 more piercings to each ear. Total of 4 per ear. I love it, and I love shopping for new ear rings. My kids say I’m going through midlife crisis, but what the he’ll, you only live once.

  32. I just had second holes done in both ears at the age of 51. I had the same motivation- maybe if the holes are there my hubs will fill them with diamonds! Lol!!

  33. I have both nostrils and my septum done. I also have 15 ear piercings that I’ve had forever. My hair is bleached and dyed blue with black roots. I’m 46, happily married, homeschool my 12 year old son, and I look and feel better than I did 20 years ago! Getting older is awesome because I’m old enough to know what I love and too old to care what anyone else thinks. 🙂

  34. Thank you so much for writing this. Since College I always had one piercing in my right ear and two piercings in my left ear… I had always wanted a cartilage piercing but never did it because none of my other friends did. I just turned 50 however I always pass for 30 and I now have my cartilage pierced. Two weeks later I had my tragus and last week I had my daith pierced.. I just cannot stop!! 5 piercings in the left ear and still only one in the right and I absolutely love it!

  35. I’m 54 and is planning another hole on my right ear cartilage area beside my feb 2016 punch thats now almost healed. The new one should be on the right ear as well so I could sleep on my left side for the total healing period of another year. I’ve got 3 on my left earlobes, aside from the since birth punch on both ears, the other 2 were done in my college years. I’ll be having 6 then and not in symmetry… I’m glad it’s back… I’m inspired to add these cartilage earrings upon seeing SHARON OSBORNE of Xfactor UK!

  36. I’m 42, I absolutely love piercings. I have six lobe (leading into cartilage) starting at my first and then I have two upper cartilage piercings, one diamond stud and a hoop (this is all on my left ear). Then on my right ear I have four lobe piercings, my tragus, and an industrial bar at the top. I also have my nostril pierced, septum, top and bottom navel, and I plan on getting my nipples pierced as well.
    I love my piercings, they’re a part of me. I don’t think you’re ever too old to keep or get piercings. I’ve had most of mine for over 25 years, there’s no way I’m ever taking out my piercings, they’ll be with me forever. I love the look of all the sparkle in my ears. My left ear is filled with all diamond studs except for one hoop that I’ve had forever. My right is all diamond studs except for my industrial. I don’t know what it is, I just love the look of sparkly diamonds in my ears. Sometimes I’ll change out my first three sets for different jewelry depending on the occasion, but I usually just wear the same jewelry every day and night. I’ve never had any problems with work or people in general, most of the time I get girls coming up to me telling me how they like my piercings and things like that.
    I think more women should go for the plunge when it comes to a piercing idea that they like.

    My piercing obsession began when my mom started piercing my 1st set of lobes when I was about 5 years old.

  37. Did it heal well? I’m going to be 40 on Monday and really want a cartilage piercing but so afraid of getting a keloid and I read the older you are the higher the chance.

  38. …update to my original post…I also got the right side of my nose pierced. It’s going to heal fully in about a month and then I can put some new earrings in. I absolutely love it… so I have 5 piercings in my left ear one in my right ear and my right nostril.. if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do or will make you feel good absolutely do it! You are never too old…!!

      1. … for the most part yes since all of this was done in the month of August. The earrings move freely through the piercing so to me that means they are pretty much healed. The only problem is it’s really hard getting the earrings apart to change them I have yet to do that. The piercer was really good with putting them in I guess haha! The tragus is a little swollen and I’m not sure what that is about but it is not painful or anything. I guess that might just take a little more time…

        1. That’s good progress since I’ve seen on various sites people saying 1 year. Hope the swelling goes down on your tragus. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It definitely helps me feel more comfortable. Looks like I’ll be looking around for a good piercing shop this weekend.

  39. Wow I just loved reading all these comments off you ladies. 3 piercings in each ear from the 80’s (2 I let close up but I may tinker round with the second hole see if I can get a tiny diamond in there) 1 tattoo also from the 80’s. I’ve gained another 6 tattoos in the last 2 years off my son who’s a tattoo artist. Took the plunge last November and went and got my VCH piercing I’d been wanting for 9 years…OMG I love it, so glad I got my secret piercing lol. Having my conch and rook done next week and then if healing goes well will have the same done in my other ear in a few months. My tattoos are not overly big and most can be hidden, same with the piercings I chose, most are hidden from view if I want, 1 is definitely hidden Age is just a number, our bodies belong to us we should do what we want with them. Things are a lot more acceptable these days.

  40. I’ve recently added a third piercing to both lobes and just love it! I love “dressing” my ears (different combinations to go with clothes and mood), and have also just bought some non-pierced ear cuffs I’m eager to try out. Very happy with myself and the way I feel, and I’m 71! In some ways, between the piercings and having finally found a hair color I like to cover gray (light blonde), I feel fresher and better than ever before – and the pretty earrings are terrific for my ego and self-confidence!

  41. Got 1st pierced at 5yrs old (1982), every day earrings in the holes. Wanted double pierced around 16, mom refused for yrs then I went out at 18 (1996) to the mall with a friend and we both got double pierced ears. I took double out 16yrs ago (had them for 3yrs)
    We changed lifestyle several yrs ago and couldn’t wear earrings/ jewelry, so took the 1st hole out and it has semi closed (I couldn’t put anything in there) since. Been talking about getting done again for 2 yrs. Just got #1 redone and planning on double holes each ear & scheduled for cartilage this week, not sure if single double or triple.
    Our son just passed away and I will do earrings that represent things he loved.

  42. This past friday, at the delicate age of 37, I reinstated my second lobe piercings and had an industrial installed on my left ear to cover a very failed attempt at a cartilage piercing from over a decade ago. I’m already planning a third piercing for each lobe and possibly a tragus once the current holes have healed up. Its your body so have some fun with it!

  43. I am a very edgy, former model 60 year old female with an edgy pixie cut that I colour whatever colour I feel like at the moment – I have ink, half sleeve, side of my neck, I just got a Monroe piercing – ITS WHO I AM!!!!!! I am not trying to impress anyone, like I said, I am very self confident and I have many more adventures to experience!

  44. I had a tragus piercing last October followed by another piercing. So I have five holes in one ear – only four in use. Two piercings on the left ear – only one in use, most of the time. And a pierced nose. And a shaved head (grade no.1). And I’m 52. For me, age is almost irrelevant. By that I mean that I consider my age before a piercing – and then ignore it.

  45. 47 here I have double lobes, both daith, forward helix and tragus’in each ea eat and a second forward helix in left ear. I love love love piercings.

  46. 47 here I have double lobes, both daith, forward helix and tragus’in each ear and a second forward helix in left ear. I love love love piercings.

  47. Nice! After having the five piercings on my left year and only one on the right plus the nasal I want to get my right conch pierced to kind of balance it out. I want like a tiny diamond in it that’s all. I heard that tattoos are very addicting..well piercings are the same way .. can’t stop at just one ! I don’t have any tattoos , that is just not something I would want to have. But I’m all for other people having them if that’s what they want .

  48. Adding to my entry above, June 16, 2017 – In July, I added a fourth piercing on my right ear, and two cartilage piercings way up on my left in October. These last two are in honor of my writing and photography. I am vastly enjoying the whole array! I esp. like wearing a brilliant deep turquoise stud, a fairly large one, in the fourth hole on the right.

  49. Love all the comments, they inspired me to repierce extra holes from 30 years. Now have 4 holes in left lobe. 2nd hole stretched to 6g (slowly working way to 2g to match right lobe) and 4th hole is 8g; 2 in right lobe and a right helix. Once helix heals plan to have left double helix and right tragus (not at the same time – I’ll never sleep, lol). Turning 50 this year & time to enjoy my love of piercings! Also, been serously considering a tattoo to mark milestone. Jury still out on that!

  50. To add some additional inspiration to anyone who might think they’re too old…something, I really don’t know what, inspired me the other day to see if the second and third hole in my left ear were still usable. Well, after a little work, I was able to get earrings in without any pain or infection. I hadn’t worn any earrings in those holes for probably 10 years or more, so I was surprised it was so easy. To mark the occasion, I went on Etsy and bought some tiny studs and hoops – too fun. I’m turning 50 this year and don’t feel the least bit weird about enjoying my renewed multiple piercings. I’m also going to try wearing an ear cuff – haven’t had one of those since the mid-80s.

  51. I am 57 years old. I have a total of 9 piercings and 3 tattoos. I have 3 piercings in one ear, 5 in the other ear and I have my nose pierced. Had them all done with the exception of 2 in high school. I had my helix done at 43 and my nose piercing at 56. I did have my belly button pierced in my 40’s as well but had to let it close up once I started kick boxing. I also have 3 tattoos…1 at 38 years old, 2 done in my 40’s…..I’m in the process of getting my tragus pierced as well as a triple forward helix piercing done…all at the same. I love everything about me….I am free and I do me!

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