Artists, journalists, singers, cultural creatives, I’d like to go to the & Other Stories Christmas party. The Swedish brand’s latest campaign features inspirational, grown-up women who actually look like they’re having fun. Unlike an M&S set-up or schmaltzy John Lewis epic, the & Other Stories campaign feels lovely and real, with clothes you’d actually want to wear.

Top row, left to right: Bodil Schrewelius and Jans Possel, Harriet Calo style literator, Viktor Lazlo singer and writer

Bottom row, left to right: Helene Billgren artist and scenographer, Jans Possel director at cultural institution Mediamatic, Bodil Screwelius journalist.


I’m avoiding the cyber week bollocks and having a few days off, up north. Back in a bit.

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Women: The Dinner Party

    1. Fair point, Cheryl. Obviously I’m not criticizing the donation to Age UK and the fact that the ad raises awareness – just find those long-winded John Lewis ads a bit cheesy.

  1. For years now I’ve had this little fantasy play out in my head…me and the 4 or 5 other women who I find inspirational, wise, or simply admire sit around a table having tea. Or wine. Sometimes the guest list expands and changes up a bit. Most of the women are writers or activists/writers or just really, really interesting, wise people. Since I’ve been writing a blog, I have a similar scenario but with fellow bloggers, same table, still with tea/wine drinking, yakking etc etc. That ad looks great. Wonder how they decided on who to feature in it. Enjoy your break. You are wise to avoid the cyber Monday madness.

  2. So fabulous! I am 66 and own a vintage clothing shop on Etsy called Bop and Awe. I do all my purchasing and modeling. I have turned some heads here in Corpus Christi, Texas with my outfits. Opening some eyes! I love seeing all these beautiful women and I can’t wait to dive into your blog.

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